The #1 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Quit Their Businesses

The entrepreneurial journey is really a journey of faith.

When things are going great, our faith is strong.

But, when things are souring, our faith waivers.

Staying in faith is the single-most important job we have as entrepreneurs. It’s how we’ll stay in business – even during the bleak days.

I hope you’ll watch this marketing strategy video, and read my blog post, so that you’ll be inspired on the days when you want to throw in the towel.

The world needs you – and your gifts. Never forget.

The #1 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Quit Their Businesses by Jill Celeste,



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You are here for a reason. Stay in faith. - Jill Celeste,

It's the middle of our journey that requires the most faith. - Jill Celeste,


She’s made her decision. She’s had enough. She has tried everything she could to make her business succeed. She’s ran advertisements to get more clients, rubbed elbows with colleagues at networking mixers, stayed up late at night researching how to add keywords to her blog post. She’s exhausted, discouraged and throwing in the towel. She’s closing her business.

Can you relate? Have you ever thought about throwing in the towel? Have you considered abandoning your entrepreneurial journey for the safety of a regular paycheck?

You are not alone. Most entrepreneurs have thought about giving up. Some do.

Others, like you and me, know we can’t work in corporate again. Despite knowing this, whispers of “quit your business” keep floating into our ears.

Why Entrepreneurs Quit Their Businesses

I have a theory about why entrepreneurs quit their businesses.

It’s not because of poor cash flow, or a lack of clients, or because they are overwhelmed.

It’s because they have lost faith – in themselves, in their purpose, in their Gifts, and in their ability to serve others.

Faith can be easy to lose when you’ve been dealt one blow after another, right?

The entrepreneurs who succeed, though, stay the course. They stay in faith. And that’s what you have to do – no matter what.

Faith In The Middle

I recently watched a sermon by Joel Osteen called “Faith In The Middle.” It opened my eyes about the faith journey we take as entrepreneurs.

You may not be Christian or care for Joel’s preaching, but I ask that you focus on his message, which is this:

Having faith at the start and at the end is no problem; the real challenge is having faith in the middle.

That is so true, right? When we started our businesses, we had such joy, faith and optimism. And as we attain a goal or see a project reach fruition, our faith in ourselves and our businesses is unbeatably strong.

It’s the stuff in the middle that throws us for a loop. The obstacles, the setbacks, when customers don’t buy – these are all speed bumps on our entrepreneurial journey.

When we start our journey, we don’t see the “how,” right? We see the beginning and the end – but we are not given a road map on how to reach our goals.

So, we experiment. And sometimes, we fail. And these failed experiments lead to discouragement – and a loss of faith.

We need to remember that every experiment we make on this journey is an opportunity to learn something – even if it’s to never do that again!

Dear entrepreneur, we must stay in faith. We must believe in ourselves.

Each setback is a lesson. Each failure teaches us something. It’s a bad day – not a bad life or a bad business. And it’s all part of the journey.

When you’re facing those speed bumps, please step back and remember these words: “I am staying in faith.”

One more thing: I believe in you, and I am here for you. Always.


Jill CelesteHi, I’m Jill Celeste. I teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs (just like you) everything you need to know about marketing so you can become the Director of Marketing for your business.

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9 thoughts on “The #1 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Quit Their Businesses

  1. Laura

    Truth “Having faith at the start and at the end is no problem; the real challenge is having faith in the middle” … a wealthy entrepreneur once told me the difference between me and you is that I had more no’s. Thank you for sharing

  2. Lisa Hutchison

    Preach, girl! I agree faith is the big reason why people give up on their dream. Have I had doubts? Sure! I thought about returning to work for others but I give myself a little time and then something turns around. I have a few friends who believe in me that is what helps me through. Thanks for your post Jill, it is right on point. xx

  3. krystal

    Thanks for the positive angle, Jill. I think many people lose faith in their soul purpose and lose trust in their own selves. Your post is a great reminder to stay true to oneself.

  4. Pamela

    Great post Jill and a message that we all as entrepreneurs need to hear and to internalize. Thanks for reminding us of the need to have faith and for your compassionate and practical support.

  5. Debra Reble

    Thank you Jill I really needed to hear this message this morning. Even after 23 years of being an entrepreneur I still find faith or trust is what keeps me going after all these years. Great post!

  6. Meghan

    Thank you Jill for your post and positive message. I am at the beginning of my busisiness moving from one tentative step to another. I can’t even imagine “middle”. However, I believe you. Thank you for sharing this.


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