3 Golden Rules Of Delegation

3 Golden Rules of Delegation by Jill CelesteHow are you at delegating?

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you delegate in one of two ways:

  1. You can’t pry any projects from your clenched hands, or
  2. You quickly explain the task to your team members, and then you’re off to do something else.

Either scenario is not setting your team member up for success!

Check out this week’s marketing strategy where I share the three golden rules of delegation.

Follow these rules, and your outsourcing experience will be more productive – and your team will love working for you.




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Delegate! There is only one you. - Jill Celeste

When your team member can visualize what you want the result to be, it helps her achieve it.


As your business grows, it’s important to add people to your team. Your team will help you achieve your goals faster. Let’s face it: There is only one of you! So, it’s essential to find the right people to help you with your business.

Once you have found the right person to join your team, the next step is to you provide the right direction during your delegation. For many entrepreneurs, delegation is hard because our business is our baby. “No one can do it like us,” right?

While someone can do it exactly like us is debatable, what isn’t debatable is how you delegate tasks to your team. If you do not delegate the right tasks with the right set of directions, you are setting your team member – and you – up for failure.

That’s what it’s important to master these three golden rules of delegation.

#1: Describe the end result

When giving a project to your team member, start with the end result, and then work backwards, “reverse engineering” how to achieve this result.

For example, say you want your team member to send holiday cards to all of your clients. The end result of this project would be something like this: You want all of your clients to receive a special, personalized holiday card at least one week before Christmas, with a handwritten envelope and pretty Christmas stamp.

Now, you can work backwards to set up how this will be achieved, from ordering cards and collecting addresses, to getting stamps from the post office.

When your team member can visualize what you want the result to be, it helps her achieve it. And it helps break down the steps to achieve your goal.

#2: Establish milestones and deadlines

You should always give a deadline, even if you don’t care when something is done. Deadlines help your team member manage her time. Even if it’s a month or two away, establish the deadline!

For longer projects, set up milestones. This is when certain parts of the project are due. With the holiday card example above, you may have milestones for ordering the cards, addressing the envelopes, and getting the stamps.

Using a program such as Asana or Nozbe will help you manage deadlines and milestones with your team. That way, you’re all singing from the same hymnal!

#3: Be available for questions

Do not be one of those entrepreneurs who is never available to her team. It’s inevitable that your team member will have questions. Tell your team how they can reach you and when is the best time to do so.

This may mean you have a regularly scheduled check-in call, such as once a day, with your team to answer their questions. Or perhaps setting up a process where your team member can text you questions during the day works best.

Hand in hand, don’t just be available – be approachable too. Welcome their questions!

When your team member is armed with the right information and knows her deadline, she is well on her way to being able to achieve what you need for your business. And she will love working for you, which will translate into better results for you and your business.

Also, with these golden rules, you will find that your team will get their tasks done without rework and frustration – and in their own wonderful, unique ways!


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8 thoughts on “3 Golden Rules Of Delegation

  1. Debra Reble

    Thank you for this insightful post Jill! As I grow my business this year, I’m going to need to delegate more. I’ve already delegated some aspects of my business but your post helped me see that I need to do more in order to grow. <3

  2. Kelley Grimes

    Great ideas Jill, especially defining the desired outcome and milestones and timelines. I supervise Master of Social Work 1st year students and have many opportunities to delegate to them as part of their internship experience. I look forward to bringing more mindfulness to my practice of delegation. Thank you so much!

  3. Andrea

    What a timely post. Just yesterday I apologized to our brilliant assistant for being a bit overwhelmed and not giving clean hand-offs. Good to know I’m not alone. Thanks for the tips.

  4. April

    I’m hoping to one day be in a position where I own my own business and am able to delegate tasks/aspects of my business to others who have a passion for those elements! These are great reminders in becoming aware of how we are currently communicating and how to develop a clear communication system that results in flow and feel good interactions and relationships! I might not have a business yet, but I can def apply these to everyday life! Thank you 🙂


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