3 Simple Reasons Why You Need To Use Google Plus for Personal Branding

Google Plus for Personal BrandingWhen I first signed up for Google Plus (back when it was invite-only), I didn’t get the fuss. It had some nice features, but it was a virtual wasteland. People would assemble their Google Plus profiles, make a few posts and then disappear (including me). Does that sound like your Google Plus experience?

Back then, I never thought I would give Google Plus much thought. Fast forward two years and now I am logging into my Google Plus profile every day. Why? Because I believe Google Plus is essential for my personal branding strategy. Here’s how:

1.       Google helps with SEO.

The head of Google Plus, Vic Gundotra, once said that Google Plus was the “unification of all of Google Services, with a common social layer.”  Google Plus, in other words, is constructed to be a common connector between Google the search engine, YouTube and other Google services. Simply put, it’s built to help with SEO.

When you have an active Google Plus account, you are giving Google information about your interests, resulting in smarter search results. Imagine the power of your content being shared across Google Plus. When people share your original content, it’s like they are telling Google: “Hey, this is a good article,” or “This video is interesting.” Google will respond by placing your content higher on search engine results – which translates to more clicks to your website.

2.       You can build your online authority through Google Plus.

Building online authority through Google Plus is a two-step process. First, through Google Authorship, you can tell Google exactly where you are producing content. Your second step is to share your original content on Google Plus. If you do both of these steps, you’re heading down the Authority-Building Superhighway.

As you share more content, and as other Google Plus users share it too, Google will see you are creating high-quality content that other people like; therefore, you must be an influencer in your field. What does Google do for influencers? They rank them higher on search engine results.

3.       You will be able to interact with a powerful Google Plus audience.

Google Plus users are a smart and successful crowd, overall.  According to this infographic by Flow Town, the majority of Google Plus users are males between the ages of 25-34. Is that your target audience? Then jumping into Google Plus is a no brainer.

But let’s dig a little deeper. The average income level of Google Plus users is very telling. 26.9% of Google Plus users make $30-59,999 a year. 27.7% of users make $60,000-99,999 a year. Consider this: If Google Plus users are making purchasing decisions based on who they are interacting with on Google Plus, you have a gold mine of opportunity. Remember, people buy from those they trust. Imagine how profitable it could be for you to build authentic relationships with other Google Plus users – all by engaging on social media!

Boost Your Personal Brand By Getting Active on Google Plus

Here’s what you need to remember:

The more active you are on Google Plus, the more content you share on Google Plus, the more engaged you are with Google Plus users – the greater your personal branding reach.

It’s time to dust off that old Google Plus log-in. Your personal brand depends on it.


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3 thoughts on “3 Simple Reasons Why You Need To Use Google Plus for Personal Branding

  1. Wanda Einfeldt

    Very helpful article. My question is How to get more active on Google+? I have the Google Authorship and have started using it, but what else to do on my Google+ account is what I have to research and learn about. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      Hi, Wanda! Thanks for stopping by! You should start by following some people on Google Plus – you can search by industry, location, etc. in the search bar at the top of Google Plus. Then, once you find a few good connections, you can see who they’ve circled and follow those folks. Feel free to follow me on Google Plus and I will be happy to circle you back: https://plus.google.com/117877552017435636580/posts Good luck!

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