3 Ways To Quickly Find Blog Post Topics

It’s time for you to write another blog post, but you have a big problem.

You have no idea what to write about!

You wrack your brain, dismissing topics because you’ve written about them before, or because they won’t resonate with your tribe, or even worse, you come up with nothing!

Deep breath. It happens. And it’s completely surmountable with a few tricks.

Check out this week’s marketing strategy where I share with you three tips to help you quickly find a blog post topic. Make sure to bookmark this blog post for days when you need inspiration!

3 Ways To Quickly Find Blog Post Topics by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.com



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Have you ever sat in front of your laptop, hoping for inspiration for your next blog post, but a topic just isn’t coming? You’re under pressure now because you have to get a blog post out! What do you do?

It’s happened to even the most prolific blog writers (including yours truly!).

Thankfully, you can quickly get a blog post idea if you know where to look. Check out these three ways to find a blog post topic – and bust right through the block you’re experiencing.

#1: Look at Pinterest

Pinterest is a bloggers’ dream! Not only can you share your blog posts there, you can also get a years’ worth of blog post ideas from Pinterest.

I recommend creating a board on Pinterest for future blog post ideas. As you browse Pinterest, or see an article that inspires you, you can save it to your “blog post ideas” board. That way, when you’re out of ideas, you have a resource at your fingertips to get over the writer’s block.

Even if you don’t have a board created yet, you can search Pinterest for ideas. Put keywords in the search bar and see what you find.

I know it goes without saying; please don’t plagiarize or poach someone else’s ideas. You are here for inspiration!

#2: Determine what influencers are writing about

Look up the ladder! Influencers in your industry are always creating content, whether it’s a blog post or a podcast. What are they talking about?

If an influencer does inspire you, make sure to link to that influencer’s content. Your influencer will appreciate the link, and your tribe will love reading more about that topic.

#3: Write a summary of your top blog posts

Readers love “top XX” lists, so look at your analytics and see what articles you can list in a new blog post.

Here are some ideas:

  • Top XX blog posts from YEAR
  • Top XX smoothie recipes
  • Top XX blog posts that will inspire you to write your book

Don’t be afraid to feature an unusual number of articles. Many entrepreneurs will select five or 10, but it doesn’t have to “rounded” numbers.

My final tip: The best way to avoid “blog writer’s block” is to plan your editorial calendar in advance. When you plan the blog post topics for six months or the whole year, you’ll avoid the “oh shit, what am I going to write about!” moment when you sit down at your computer. You will always know what you will write about – because you have planned for it in your editorial calendar.

Blog writing is such an awesome way to share your expertise and connect with your ideal clients. On days when you’re not sure what to write about, come back to these tips to get inspired. And then, start writing. You got this. I believe in you!


Jill CelesteHi, I’m Jill Celeste. I teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs (just like you) everything you need to know about marketing so you can become the Director of Marketing for your business.

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12 thoughts on “3 Ways To Quickly Find Blog Post Topics

  1. Rachel

    I have the opposite problem, too many topics that i want to write about and i usually have to take a big breath and pace myself.

  2. Barb Parcells

    I am fortunate in that I don’t usually run out of ideas to blog about, although I do sometimes draw a blank. Usually, I’ll be reading something – fiction as well as non-fiction, or someone will say something, or I’ll just wake up in the morning and a word or phrase will be floating to the surface, probably left over from a dream I was having. In that moment an idea will just pop up and say, “you need to write about this!”

  3. Beverley Golden

    There is so much inspiration in our world, that it seems just tuning in to the world around us, is the perfect way to find ideas that resonate with us and that we want to write about, Jill! Thanks for the reminders of how easy it can be to come up with the ideas, if we get out of our own way and see what is happening around us.

  4. Claudette Chenevert

    Loved your Pinterest idea. Although I’ve had an account for several years, I’ve mainly used it to find decorating ideas for my home and just recently, recipes for Whole30 and Instant Pot. I do post my blogs and other Stepmoms things on Pinterest, but never thought of it as a place to get ideas.
    Thanks for that tip.

  5. Meghan Humlie

    I choose the same topic for a month each and blog on the topic 3 times a week. Some days that is easy and some days it is more difficult. I love the idea of a calendar for the year. Thank you. I am circling around some of my most popular posts to write a longer “researched” essay on the topic that I can then publish as shorter magazine or journal articles.


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