4 Ways To Get More Clients Now

Do you need more clients now?

While a goal for your business or coaching practice is to have a pipeline of sales prospects, sometimes you have to implement some “get clients now” strategies.

Here are four ways to get clients now for your business or coaching practice:

4 Ways To Get More Clients Now

#1: Ask for referrals

Humans are naturally wired to help others, so maximize on this innate quality by asking others for referrals. You will want to reach out to past and current clients, your networking group peers, vendors, colleagues, friends and family.  Send an email to each group and specify who your ideal client is so they know the best referral to send you. Also consider emailing your subscribers with a call to action to set up a Get-Acquainted Call with you (or to forward your email to anyone who could use your help). By providing specific information on who you help and how they can reach you, you will get your unpaid sales force working for you.

#2:.Network like crazy

My business mentor says if you don’t have enough clients, you have time to network. Networking is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get more clients. While you should keep up with networking meetings you regularly attend, consider visiting new networking groups too. Try a group in a different city that’s close to you. When you stretch your networking presence, you are extending your reach.

#3: Follow up with sales prospects

Make a list of everyone who has expressed an interest in working with you. Then, add all of your past “unclosed” Get-Acquainted Calls to this list.  The idea is to create a master list of people who are not paying clients yet but could become one in the future.

Once you have this list, start following up with each person. This could be a phone call, email message or a card sent through the mail. Add value to your communications by recounting your last conversation or linking to an article that you think the person may be interested in. Depending on the contact, you could even send a small gift. Keep track of your follow-up communications and make a point to update once a month or quarter.

#4: Host a webinar

Another “get clients now” strategy is to host a webinar with an exclusive offer. Host a webinar that is full of great and helpful content that will solve your ideal client’s biggest problem.  At the end of the webinar, make a special offer, such as a reduced price on your coaching package, or extra bonuses if someone purchases before the deadline. Make sure to have an end date for your offer, and send several emails throughout the promo period to remind people to buy.

If you need more clients, the key is to get moving and be proactive. Implementing any or all of the four strategies in this blog post will help you convert sales prospects into clients, and add even more sales prospects to your pipeline. For best results, block time every week on your calendar so you can work on closing sales and getting more clients. Getting clients quickly is not impossible! Be creative, implement and ask for help to grow your client base. Your business depends on it!

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