4 Ways To Get More Customers Through Social Media

Getting customers through social media is not an impossible task, but it often requires a different mindset on the part of the entrepreneur.

You see, many entrepreneurs are so concerned about “pushing” content on to their social media fans – and amassing tons of social media fans – that they forget that social media is really a way to converse with their clients – and not sell to them.

In fact, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, the best way to convert your social media fans into customers is to not sell to them through social media.

Check out this week’s marketing strategy where I share four ways you can get more customers through social media – and feel great about the process!


#1: Focus on the quality of your fans, not the quantity

How many times have you seen people post this message on Facebook: “Only 30 more fans until I reach 1,000! Please like my page!”

Here’s the problem with this strategy: When you work toward a certain fan or follower count, you run the risk of not attracting only your ideal clients (the type of fans who will buy from you) to your social media site.

Instead, focus on attracting your ideal clients to your social media site. The numbers may be smaller, but you’ll have fans who care about what you say, want to interact with you and want to purchase from you.

#2: Talk to your social media fans like they are standing in front of you

If you were at an in-person networking event, would you immediately walk up to someone you don’t know and instantly promote your latest product? Of course not! The same real-life networking rules apply to social media. Take time to get to know your fans by asking them questions, sharing tips and talking about your interests.

Here’s an activity you can do to help you. Brainstorm a list of topics you like to talk about at a networking function. Your list may include topics such as the weather, your local baseball team, a great recipe you found on Pinterest or how your kids are doing. Write down every topic you can think of. Now, create social media posts around these same topics. Include pictures and ask questions. This is a great way for people to get to know you – and for you to build trust with your social media followers.

#3: Keep building trust top of mind

Many entrepreneurs focus their social media marketing on promoting their products, or how many likes/shares/retweets they get for each post. Shift your focus to trust building instead. Before you post something on social media, ask yourself: How does this social media post get a potential customer to trust me?

In addition to focusing on what you post, you can build trust through social media in other ways:

  • Constantly posting (being there)
  • Responding to your fans’ questions or comments
  • Saying please and thank you
  • Showing how you give back to the community
  • Sharing a customer testimonial
  • Saying you’re sorry
  • Showing your sense of humor
  • Sharing your expertise and knowledge

#4: Stop trying to sell through social media

Honestly, the best way to convert social media fans into “paying customers” is to not sell to them at all through social media. Instead, use social media to invite fans to your email list, and then sell to them there.

The best way to convert social media fans into “paying customers” is to not sell to them at all through social media.

Email is a better channel for selling! In fact, a study by McKinsey & Company concluded that email is 40 times better at getting new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

Use social media as a way to entice people to your email list. One way to do that is to share free gifts through your social media sites. These free gifts should have an opt-in requirement, where someone must enter his email address to get the free gift, and you should be transparent that you are enrolling this person on to your email list.

Sell through your email list, and you’ll have a better conversion rate – and happier social media fans!

Social media is an excellent avenue for attracting customers if you focus more on the customer, and not the sale. Make an effort to attract high-quality social media fans – ones who are likely to buy from you – and think every day how you can build trust with them. Finally, stop trying to sell to your customers through social media. Instead, get them on your email list and make the magic happen there. With these strategies, you’ll have a more effective – and satisfying – experience with your social media fans.

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13 thoughts on “4 Ways To Get More Customers Through Social Media

  1. Peggy

    Can I just tell you how much I love this? I got out of selling anything on social media a few years ago. It’s a freaking crap shoot to begin with. When I realized that first and foremost I’m a writer (who teaches yoga) I decided that what I really want to do is redirect my “fans” (oh that sounds so silly) to my website to read my stuff and get my free eBook and subscribe to my list. I love my list. Well, most of my list. 😉 (Those who aren’t my ideal readers will fall away very soon…)

    Great post Jill!

  2. Tae

    You always have the best tips Jill! I am still working on gaining a presence with my blog…nothing to sell at this point. I’m slowly finding my correct audience. Thanks for all of your weekly guidance! 🙂

  3. Puja Madan

    Jill this post is pure gold. So much great info and insights here. You’re right, we forget to show up as humans on social media. I’m definitely going to focus on #2 for this week. Thanks so much! xo

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      Hi, Puja! Thank you so much! It’s so important to show up as yourself on social media – it’s where the magic happens! Thank you for your comment! xoxo

  4. Andrea

    Thank you! With a new book around the corner, do you have any idea how many social media “experts” are getting after me for my relatively small followings? Or how many authors I know avoid social media channels because they don’t want to be out there “flogging my books.” Lots. (And I’m none too popular when I suggest that I have a pretty good idea who’s “following” and that those who are “flogging their books” are not using the medium correctly.)

    Please keep posting on this topic. It’s an important message.

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      First of all, congrats on the upcoming book, Andrea! You are so correct about not focusing on HUGE followers that are not your ideal client (or readers, in your case). I will keep preachin’ the word! Much love to you.

  5. Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)

    Jill, great job, and I almost completely agree. Actually I probably completely agree; never mind, starting over. It’s been a day, and it’s only 12:29pm!

    #2, the conversational tone, is most resonant for me. It has changed the nature of my interactions. I used to pontificate more, and reveal my true self less. All has changed since I switched that around.

    Grateful for your wisdom.


  6. Dina

    Great tips! I especially like the one advising us not to sell on social media. I think you’re right that people respect us more when we don’t bombard them with constant sales and marketing messages, but instead show up fully and completely as our honest selves. That’s what attracts the right clients to us. Thank you!

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      Hi, Dina! YES! YES! YES! The right clients will always buy from us, but no one likes to be sold to. So glad my blog post resonated with you! Thanks for stopping by! =)


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