5 Questions To Ask Before Your Next Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign is a group of activities you implement to help you promote your business, or a specific product or service. While marketing campaigns are executed by big brands, entrepreneurs can and should implement marketing campaigns too. They are an effective way to sell your offerings and build brand awareness.

To help you get started with a marketing campaign, answer these five questions to create a campaign that will give you the biggest bang for the buck.

5 Questions To Ask Before Your Next Marketing Campaign

#1: What do you hope to accomplish through your marketing campaign?

Think about what you hope to accomplish in the marketplace through your campaign. Do you want to capture market share? Do you want to increase sales in a certain demographic? Are you trying to improve awareness of your product or service?

Be very specific in answering these questions. Your responses will be the overall objectives of your marketing campaign.

#2: Who is the target audience for the campaign?

Knowing your target audience “backwards and forwards” is an essential part of preparing your marketing campaign. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Are members of your target audience male or female (or both)?
  • What is the age range of your target audience?
  • Where does your target audience live?
  • What are common interests with your target audience?
  • What is your target audience’s #1 problem?
  • What keeps your target audience up at night?

Creating a persona or avatar about your target audience is a helpful exercise to fully grasp who would be most interested in what you’re marketing.

#3: How will your target audience benefit from the product/service being marketed?

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when creating their marketing copy is emphasizing the features of their product or service – but not emphasizing the benefits of these features to the target audience.

Take out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center. In the left column, write “features,” and in the right column, write “benefits.” For every feature you want to market, write down how it benefits your target audience. What you write in your “benefits” column will comprise the messaging of your marketing campaign.

#4: Where is your ideal client hanging out?

You want to “fish where the fish are” when it comes to selecting the marketing tactics you want to implement in your campaign. This means if your target audience reads Sports Illustrated and their Sunday paper, then you don’t want to advertise anywhere else.

Because you have a lot of information about your ideal client from Question #2, you can now figure out which marketing channels you want to use to get your message out to them. Look at the demographics of each social media site, publication and event to see if there’s a match with the demographics of your target audience.

If you’re not sure where to begin, call some of your past clients and ask.

#5: What would make this campaign successful for you?

Here’s where you need to lay down some goals for your campaign. Assign percentage points or dollar amounts to your goals so that you can compare the actual results to what you hoped to achieve. If you feel like you’re taking a stab in the dark, that’s okay. To help you, consider identifying three different types of goals:

  1. Threshold goals: Goals that you should easily achieve
  2. Target goals: Goals that you have about a 60% chance of achieving
  3. Stretch goals: Goals that you have about a 20% chance of achieving


Marketing campaigns are a path you can take to help grow your business and build your brand, but it’s not an activity to do half assed. Take time to answer the five questions outlined in this blog post, and then use your responses as a basis for the marketing plan for your campaign. With each campaign, you’ll get better and better, and be on your way to mastering marketing campaigns for your business!

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