5 Tools To Help You Manage Your Coaching Practice or Business

Finding the right tools to help your coaching practice or business is a sure-fire way to make the best use of your time. Many people ask me what tools I use to manage my coaching business. In this blog post, I will share with you some of my favorite software tools that I use frequently at Your Branding Power.

5 Tools To Help You Manage Your Coaching Practice or Business


Vcita* is an online scheduling software tool that allows me to put the scheduling power in my clients’ hands. All client calls – from Get Acquainted Calls to Coaching Calls – are handled through my Vcita account. I designate times when I am open for client appointments, and the appointments are synched to my Outlook calendar. After someone books an appointment with me, Vcita sends a thank you message that I customized. Also, I can send invoices and maintain a client database through Vcita. I also like the public profile page – totally customizable to your branding and easy to share with perspective clients.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is my email service provider, as well as the tool I use for all event registrations. While I will eventually upgrade to another service provider, Constant Contact has been a great way to manage my email marketing, especially as I have grown my list. They offer many easy-to-use templates for your emails, and their reporting tools help me learn who opens my emails, clicks on my links, unsubscribes from my list and more. Their Event Spot feature helps me collect registrations for all of my events (from webinars to in-person workshops). I can collect fees right through Event Spot, and because it’s tied to Constant Contact, I can easily add registrants to my email list.


Hootsuite* is my social media dashboard of choice. I have tried many dashboards, including TweetDeck and SocialOomph, but I find Hootsuite to be the most comprehensive tool for my social media needs. I primarily use Hootsuite to manage my Twitter account. I schedule tweets, check for retweets and mentions, and monitor hashtags through Hootsuite. I also consult the reporting tools offered through Hootsuite to see how my Twitter account is doing. You can use Hootsuite for a myriad of social media sites, including Facebook, Google Plus Business pages, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Tumblr (in addition to Twitter).


Whenever I host a webinar or online course, I use AnyMeeting to help me deliver my content. AnyMeeting allows me to share PowerPoint presentations, talk to my viewers through my webcam and show YouTube videos (great for replays). With their paid option, you can record your sessions, and each recording can be downloaded so you’ll always have possession of your files. You can also collect fees through AnyMeeting if you are charging for your content.

Free Conference Calling

FreeConferenceCalling.com* is my go-to tool for when I am hosting teleseminars, or when I need to record a client phone call. As the name indicates, it is a free service. You get a dashboard to help you manage your calls with the ability to mute or unmute callers, record your call and assign individual conference codes to each call you initiate. For an added investment, you can record a custom greeting.

Managing your coaching practice or business can be difficult if you don’t find the tools to help you get the job done. The tools listed in this blog post are ones I have tried and found to be reliable for my coaching business. With that said, make sure to explore all options because your needs may be different than mine. The important part is to invest in the right tools to make your business run efficiently – saving you time, money and energy as your business grows.

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  1. Kelly

    Great list of resources Jill!! I guess I’m doing something right… I use all the same resources you recommend!! But I did just recently switch from CC to Aweber for list differentiation… It’s kinda cool because they are actually local to me! Thanks for the scheduler!! THAT is one area I have been thinking about but get overwhelmed with options… I’ll look into it!


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