How To Attract Clients From Your Speaking Gigs

How To Attract Clients From Your Speaking GigsA great way to increase your visibility and share your knowledge is through public speaking.

Whether you’re speaking at a local networking group or hosting your own workshop, you can leverage these speaking opportunities to attract more clients to your business.

When you are a guest speaker, it’s important things to have a client attraction process in place for your speaking engagements. Here are some steps to consider:

#1: Determine your requirements before committing to speak

Think about what you want in advance before you agree to speak. This could include a minimum number of audience members, a requirement for people to provide their email addresses to add to your list or a written plan on how they’ll promote your talk. A best practice is to put your questions into a survey that you can share with someone who asks about your speaking services.

Establishing some ground rules prior to a speaking commitment will help ensure you are setting yourself up for the best event possible – one with your ideal clients in attendance.

#2: Your speech should be the what and why – but not the how

When creating your content, you want to give your audience the “what” and “why” of your topic.  You don’t want to give them the “how.”  Save the “how” for your coaching programs or company services. This will whet your audience’s appetite to learn more, and they will be more eager to schedule a follow-up call with you.

#3: Identify how you’ll document your audience’s information

Here’s what I do: I offer a raffle (usually a low-cost gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop), and the audience members fill out a raffle form. On this form, I ask for their contact information, if they want free Get-Acquainted Call and if they want to be added to my email list.  It’s just a half-page form, but I get great results from it.

#4: Have a follow-up process

Once you return home from your speaking gig, go through your raffle forms (or give them to your VA). Send out emails to everyone who asked for a Get-Acquainted Call, and make sure to designate a day on your calendar for any follow ups. Then, enter in those names who have opted into your mailing lists.

Don’t procrastinate on these tasks! Creating a system is essential. I do these tasks as soon as I get home from every speaking gig. Another tip: If you use a customer management software, such as Infusionsoft, make sure to tag each person with the event name. This will help you trace where you are getting your referrals from.

Don’t just show up to speak. Make sure you are capitalizing on every speaking engagement and use it as a tremendous opportunity to add people to your list and to schedule Get-Acquainted Calls.  To make sure you are maximizing your speaking gigs, make sure to set requirements beforehand and create a system of follow-up calls and emails to help you close the loop. Once it’s a process, it is easier to follow through, and as a result, you’ll get more clients from your speaking gigs.

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    Thank you for this so hepful article. I am going to publish my book soon and I have started arranging talks in schools for parents – they all seem very interested to find out how to work from home, so I am in a great research on how to do the speaches most effectively possible. I have never done a public speaking in my life before and I am very excited. As you understand, for people like me Articles as yours are invaluable. Thank you!


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