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Jill Celeste is an international bestselling author, marketing teacher, and founder of the Celestial Marketing Academy.

If You Need Clients Right Away, Here’s The Marketing Plan To Follow

If you need clients right away, here's the marketing plan to follow.“Jill, I need clients right away. What should I do?”

If I had a nickel for every time I got that question….

All kidding aside, it’s an excellent question – and one you may be asking yourself. And there’s no shame in needing more clients right away. We are here to serve, right?

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will share with you the exact marketing I would follow if I need more clients right away.

Before I reveal this marketing plan, though, I want to address your mindset. You see, you can implement my marketing plan down to the letter, but if you don’t have a positive mindset, the marketing plan won’t work well.

Remember these things: You are coming from a place of service. You are here to serve your clients. The Universe will take care of you. The Universe rewards action, which is why you are ready to move your feet.

Let’s get started, shall we?



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Using Personal Invites In Your Marketing

Using Personal Invites In Your Marketing by Jill CelesteOne of the things I’ve learned in my many years of marketing is this: When you use personal invites in your marketing, you see outstanding results.

It may seem like an oxymoron – “personal invitations” and “marketing” – because marketing seems so impersonal at times.

With social media ads and blogs to (and from) faceless people, adding a personal touch to your marketing will help you rise above the noise.

And this is especially important when you need to “fill” something – such as a class, workshop, or program.

Check out this week’s marketing strategy to learn more about why using personal invites will help your marketing, plus some tips on how to personally invite people (without seeming disingenuous).



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4 Free Ways To Market Your Business (That You May Not Have Thought Of)

4 Free Ways To Market Your Business (That You May Not Have Thought Of) by Jill CelesteAre you looking for free ways to market your business?

Many purpose-driven entrepreneurs equate “marketing” with “money,” and while some marketing does require an investment, there are plenty of free ways you can market your business.

Let’s face it: Most solopreneurs do not have a lot of money for marketing, especially during the growth period of their businesses.

And as you look for ways to market your business, it’s easy to be attracted to paid marketing methods, such as Facebook Ads and expensive conferences.

The good news – you can implement any of the four free marketing tactics I will discuss in this blog post – and see tremendous brand awareness.

(And you’ll see even greater results if you implement all four tactics!)

Let’s take a look at each of these four free ways to market your business.



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9 Quotes To Help You Stay In Faith As An Entrepreneur

Thi9 Quotes To Help You Stay In Faith As An Entrepreneur by Jill Celestes week’s marketing strategy is a little different.

No video, no blog post – but something else that I think you need to hear.

I am getting an intuitive hit that you may be struggling with staying in faith. Meaning, your faith in your purpose and business is wavering. You may be wondering if you’re cut out for entrepreneurship. You may even be thinking about throwing in the towel.

If you’re feeling off kilter, it’s normal. It happens to all of us – no matter where you are in your business.

Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who never quit, who pushed through and stayed in faith. That’s what you need to do too.

Like with anything in life (and business), it starts with your mindset. When your mindset is in the crapper, self-doubt creeps in – and that’s when you feel like shit about your business.

When my faith and self-belief are wavering, I like to be inspired, specifically through quotes penned by successful people. That’s why I have collected nine “stay in faith” quotes for this week’s marketing strategy.

My intention is that at least one of these quotes will resonate with you. I bet, though, that each one will help you in different ways.

We need entrepreneurs like you to not give up. To believe in yourself. To stay in faith. To shoulder through the rough patches. Our world is at an important crossroads, and it’s purpose-driven entrepreneurs, like you, who will help steer us in the right direction.

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The 21-Day Marketing Challenge is BACK!

Exciting news! The September learning theme in The Celestial Circle is something new and dear to my heart: The 21-Day Marketing Challenge!

That’s right! If you have missed the 21-Day Marketing Challenge, you can participate in it again – just by joining The Celestial Circle.

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