Book Marketing Brain Dump

On Wednesday, July 27, 2016, I hosted a special Facebook Live Event, where I did a “Brain Dump” on book marketing.

Facebook Live Event - Book Marketing

Here’s what I covered during this one-hour class

  • How to carve time out of your schedule to write a book
  • How I got THAT FIRST CLIENT from a disorganized mess to a finished book – complete with ISBN and a book cover
  • How I cracked the Top 25 in one of Amazon’s hardest non-fiction categories
  • How I am using my book as a free marketing tool to attract more clients to my business

Need the transcript?

I’m happy to oblige! Just click here to request the transcript from this Facebook Live Event, and I email you the PDF right away.

Watch the Facebook Live replay now:

You can watch the replay below, or head over to watch it from my Facebook page.

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