Can You Ever Take A Marketing Break?

Can you ever take a marketing break? by Jill CelesteWhether you’re headed on vacation or just getting burned out, you may be wondering: Can I ever take a marketing break?

Diehard marketing coaches may tell you “no” – that you must always be marketing – every day and in every way!

And for some entrepreneurs, this is the perfect advice.

But if you’re like me with waning energy levels, empathetic tendencies, and “life challenges,” a marketing break may be in the cards.

In this week’s marketing strategy, let’s talk about taking a marketing break – and three things to consider before taking one.



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Yes, you are allowed to take a break. - Jill Celeste


So, you’re thinking about taking a break from your marketing….

Perhaps you are going on a vacation, or you’re feeling burned out, or maybe something’s amiss in your personal life. Whatever the reason, I want you to know this:

Sometimes, we need to take breaks. It’s okay.

Taking a marketing break is something I recommend, especially to purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are empaths, have low energy, and/or introverts.

Even taking a seven-day marketing break can do wonders!

Before you take a break, here are three things I want you to consider:

#1: Communicate with your tribe

Tell your tribe (your raving fans) that you are about to embark on a marketing break. Explain how long you’ll be gone and reassure them that you (or someone) will still be around to answer their questions (it’s a marketing break – not a customer service break).

If you feel comfortable, explain why you’re taking a break. It’s okay to be vulnerable here. Your tribe will love you for it.

I’ve seen many women entrepreneurs do this for maternity leaves, holidays, mental health breaks, moving, and much more. Your tribe understands that you have a personal life. As long as you’re honest about your break, they will support you during your absence.

#2: Consider what can go on autopilot

Before your break, think about what elements of your marketing you can automate and delegate. I like to call this “putting it on autopilot.”

Here are common marketing tasks that can be automated and/or delegated:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • E-newsletters
  • Customer service inquiries
  • Webinars (using “evergreen” software)

With some planning, you can still have marketing go out while you’re on a break. This is the ideal situation because your visibility and brand awareness efforts will march on, even if you’re on the beach or binge-watching Netflix from your couch.

#3: Don’t feel guilty

Lastly, it’s time to banish any guilt from your mind about going on a break. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and if taking a marketing break refills your cup, then go on the break. Imagine how awesome you’ll feel when you return! And how imagine how awesome your marketing will be too.

Taking a marketing break doesn’t mean you’re a failure either. It actually means you are a success – you know when you need to step away for self-care. What a fantastic role model you’ll be to other entrepreneurs and your clients!

One more thing: You may be worried that your business will suffer if you’re not marketing all the time.

Taking a break of a week or two should not have a permanent effect on your business. If you need to go longer, you may see some effects from your absence. However, a lot of this can be avoided if you put aspects of your marketing on auto pilot (see tip #2). What I want you to take away is this: It’ll be okay to take the break!

I am proud of you for thinking about taking a marketing break. I am proud of you for standing up for your needs. And I am proud of you for taking time to re-energize. I know your marketing will only be better because you took time to step away from it.

So, enjoy your marketing break! Allow yourself to refresh. And remember, your tribe will be there for you when you get back. It’s what they do!


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