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How To Build Your Business Through Virtual Networking

How To Build Your Business Through Virtual Networking by Jill CelesteVirtual networking is when you use technology, such as Zoom or Skype, to connect with entrepreneurs from around the world. You don’t have to leave your house or office to participate, and when leveraged properly, virtual networking can be an amazing referral source for your business.

And while there are similarities with in-person networking, virtual networking has its own nuances. Once you understand these nuances, you can maximize virtual networking to build your business.

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will break down how to use virtual networking to increase your visibility, gain referral partners, and attract new clients. If you are a work-from-home entrepreneur, this is the blog post for you!



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3 Networking Tips For Introverts

Raise your hand if you’re an introvert! Keep it raised if you avoid networking because it exhausts you!

(You couldn’t see it, but my hand was raised too).

Fact of business life: If you want clients, you must network – even if you’re an introvert (and even if it exhausts you).

In this week’s marketing strategy, I share with you three tips on how to network effectively – all while maintaining a healthy balance so you’re not totally exhausted from the experience.

3 Networking Tips for Introverts by Jill Celeste,



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How To Find Awesome Local Networking Groups

How To Find Awesome Local Networking Groups by Jill Celeste, www.JillCeleste.comRecently, one of my clients asked me this question:

“Do you have any resources I can check out for local networking groups?”

I thought this was a great question – something you may be wondering too – so I wanted to share with you my answer.

You see, local networking is often the best way for you to find your ideal clients and referral sources. However, networking groups are a bit like shoes; you have to “try on” a few groups to find the best fit.

In addition, if you’re an introvert like me, searching for the perfect networking group can become burdensome.

If you need help finding local networking groups, please check out this week’s marketing strategy video below.



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