Celestial SpotLight: Cat Stancik

Today’s Celestial SpotLight features Cat Stancik from CatalyticChange.com. Cat is also the author of 7 Principles For a More Productive and Fulfilling Life.

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Cat StancikCat Stancik

What is your profession?
I’m a business Coach, who wants to ensure that parents are present in their children’s lives, by taking away the “Stress” of worrying about money. Essentially i’m here to help parent entrepreneurs grow their business without sacrificing time with their families.

Who are your ideal clients? Who do you heal or help?
My ideal client are mom/dad-preneurs who run their business and want to be able to still spend time with their families, take vacations, get massages, and really live life, not just exist in it 🙂

How do you help people?
I help them by gaining Clarity in their life and business, getting commitment to accomplishing the tasks and goals they want to, and igniting their conviction to get it all done!

What is your typical day like?
My day is full of laughter, kisses, and hugs… oh and i get some work done too.

I work from home because i gain energy from seeing my kids grow up and being an active participant in their life. I also work, by understanding my productivity cycles, so that when i hyper focus, i’m clear on what needs to get done, and i focus on doing the work i most enjoy doing, outsourcing and delegating the rest. All this has boosted my business, and it’s what i help my clients do too.

What makes your job so much fun?
Oh that’s so easy – it’s because it’s the work i love doing. So it’s not a job but a passion and calling. I’m here to increase the amount of love in the world, by helping people create more loving environments at work and at home. It’s such a blessing to see people grow and step into their full potential. It’s really awesome and rewarding work.

What is your favorite quote?: I have two right now – and the both pull from the same theme…

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”
– Henry Ford

“I never lose. I either win or learn.”
– Nelson Mandela

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