Celestial SpotLight: Cindy Kochis

Today’s Celestial SpotLight features Cindy Kochis from Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine.

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Cindy KochisName:
Cindy Kochis

What is your profession?
I am the Founder and Publisher of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine. I transformed my Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching practice into the foundation of my digital health and wellness magazine. When I’m not working on the magazine, I am a virtual assistant, author, grandmother, lumber-Jackie, and sassy redhead.

Who are your ideal clients? Who do you heal or help?
My ideal clients are both the contributing writers and the audience. We each serve a community, and share the gift of balance through our stories. Without one, we don’t have the other.

For the writers, I extend to them a creative outlet to express their voice and to be heard. It is a means for them to explore their passion for knowledge and healing, and gift their experiences to someone who is seeking life-experience wisdom.

In regards to the audience, it grants them access into the personal and professional lives of the writers. The reader can find inspiration to explore healthy choices in the various aspects. We learn by example; from the storytellers and the one who’s been through ‘it’.

The target audience is ready to transform their lives, beliefs of self, body image, and spirituality through the exploration of the elements for a healthier life.

How do you help people?
I created a heart-centered forum for individuals to share their personal stories of transformation, offer wellness tools and professional knowledge, and explore healthy recipes and insight for nourishing our precious bodies.

The magazine is based on the life-enhancing elements I learned while I was a student of the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. My intention is to offer a unique source for readers to explore ways to balance the workplace, relationships, spirituality, body movement, and insight on how to make their kitchen healthier with helpful information and delicious recipes.

What is your typical day like?
I am consistently inconsistent, impulsive and creative. My mind is always on the move with my heart as my compass. Most mornings begin as I sit in bed with covers pulled up to my chest, hot tea within reach on my dresser, and a blue ink pen scrolling across the blank pages of my journal. I’m typically at my desk before eight o’clock and making lists of tasks to accomplish. An important self-care act I do for myself each day is to ‘be’ outside and connect with nature.

What makes your job so much fun?
Everything; including the publishing deadlines. I love interacting with the heart-centered individuals I am blessed to connect with daily. I love pausing after I draft the magazine layout and witness the how I stretched my creativity beyond what I thought was possible. It’s a grand reminder – we are without limits when we loose our self in creation.

What is your favorite quote?
Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.

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