Celestial SpotLight: Cortney Chaite

Today’s Celestial SpotLight features Cortney Chaite from thehighlysensitivebadass.com.

Cortney Chaite

What is your profession?
I am a transformational life and health coach for highly sensitive and empathic women. I adore helping other lightworkers reach their full potential and shout their message from the rooftops!

Who are your ideal clients? Who do you heal or help?
My ideal clients are women who would consider themselves highly sensitive, empathic or lightworkers. I love working with other coaches and any woman who have a divine mission in the world.

How do you help people?
My main focus is on holistic self-care. I guide my clients to focus on what is nourishing their minds, their bodies and their souls. I believe that when we are being holistically fed in all three of these areas, we are able to show up as our strongest, happiest and most impactful selves! I currently offer private coaching programs, and I’m working on creating an online program.

What is your typical day like?
I wake up around 5:30 and spend an hour getting myself into a positive and grateful head-space. This is my soul and mind-nourishment time! I may use the time to journal, watch uplifting videos, read – whatever I feel like in the moment. Then it’s time to get my kiddos off to school. While they’re at school, I work on my business. That means I’m either seeing clients, writing for my blog, planning a workshop or creating a program. I make sure that I add in lots of pleasurable activities to keep myself happy during my workday – dance breaks are big for me. I’ve also been known to take a warm bath as an afternoon break. I really honor the fact that I’m not built to be a working-machine and that I need to feed my energy so I can show up as my best self. I believe that setting aside time for pleasure is transformative and very regenerating for sensitive women. I am so affected by my sensitivities that I’ve learned how to “feed” them during my work day. I will often go to a beautiful coffee shop to work, or burn incense to create the right mood. I also incorporate physical movement into my day. I’ll either take a walk outside, ride my bike, or take a dance class. Then it’s time for my kids to come home and I’m in mommy mode for the rest of the night. I try to get some alone time with my hubby before crashing around 9:30pm.

What makes your job so much fun?
I’ve basically created my job in order to allow myself to do all the things that bring me joy, so it’s (almost!) all fun for me! I love geeking out with sensitive women on all things spiritual. I love working on manifesting with my clients. I love writing. I love making videos. I love creating. I love watching women transform into the amazing and divine people they are! I think that’s my greatest joy – is to see a woman tap into her greatness. That is pure bliss. I also love walking my talk. So I love the opportunity to indulge myself in pleasure. I love eating healthy food. I love taking the time to care for myself and my own happiness. I love making connections with amazing women. It’s all fun! Except for accounting. 🙂

What is your favorite quote?
“Everything is always working out for me.” – Abraham-Hicks

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