Celestial Changemakers Course

Female entrepreneurs, it’s time to raise our voices.

Why? Because this our current reality:

Women are expected to be quiet, polite, and differential.

Women are expected to look amazingly perfect – all while putting on a façade of a perfect life, marriage, home, and children.

Women are not supposed to be troublemakers. We are not supposed to create conflict and rock the boat.

(And when we do, we’re called bitches…or worse).

Women are supposed to love our children but not try to change the world for them.

Our society does not trust women – from making decisions about what’s best for our bodies to not believing us when we accuse men of rape or sexual harassment.

Women are supposed to be small – physically, mentally, and emotionally – and not take up space.

It’s time for this to end.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of it.

It’s time for female entrepreneurs to lead the charge – to raise our voices and to have a bigger presence – and use our platforms and businesses to make the world a better place for all humans (for generations to come).

You see, female entrepreneur, we are leaders. We are changemakers. We are here – not to be silent – but to be a strong voice and to advocate for a better world.

Our world is at a crossroads. We can stay on our current path filled with sexism, racism, xenophobia, climate change denial, voter suppression, and other injustices. Or we can take a new path – one of love, compassion, human rights, equal rights, and green policies.

I vote for the new path. How about you?

You see: Female entrepreneurs can be the shepherds who bring this world to love, enlightenment, justice, and equality.

Female entrepreneurs can be the shepherds who bring this world to love, enlightenment, justice, and equality. - Jill Celeste

It just starts with saying yes. Bravely.

Introducing Celestial Changemakers

Celestial Changemakers course by Jill Celeste

It’s a feeling deep within my bones – that you are here to change the world.

It’s scary, I know. I am scared too. But it’s necessary, so necessary, that we rise up, get louder, take up more space, and be brave – and do this important work together.

That’s why I have put together a 12-month program called Celestial Changemakers.

It’s designed specifically for female entrepreneurs (of any industry) with the following characteristics:

  • Socially conscious
  • Runs a heart-centered, purpose-driven, or mission-based business
  • Committed to lifelong learning and may be referred to as a “book worm”
  • Believes your business, Gifts, and purpose are all about changing lives
  • Desires to change your marketing so that it includes more authenticity and vulnerability
  • Wants to use your marketing platform for the betterment of society (even if you don’t know how)
  • Understands the ripple effect you create by sharing your Gifts
  • Wishes to be more vocal about the causes that are important to you
  • Uneasy about the current political climate, social issues, healthcare problems, environmental situation, and other injustices
  • Afraid to be louder and more vocal, wondering what others (family, friends, clients) will think
  • Nervous about dealing with the critics, especially those on social media, who may ridicule your beliefs
  • Sick and tired of feeling powerless, timid, and small
  • Willing to take that first step, albeit tentative, to transform into a Changemaker in service to the world

Through Celestial Changemakers, we will work on:

  • Instilling greater courage and unshakeable self-belief in your purpose
  • Embracing your role as leader of your community
  • Understanding what you stand for and communicating this stance to your audience
  • Benchmarking and learning from leaders who are “up the ladder” from us
  • Using your marketing platform to illuminate the causes that are important to you
  • Dealing with criticism, Internet trolls, and others who will try to knock you down
  • Taking imperfect action, so you gain momentum and more courage
  • Embracing Fearless Marketing™ – marketing that’s filled with bold yet heartfelt messaging that flies in the face of your Ego and naysayers, all while attracting your ideal clients to your business and your causes
  • Making Meaningful Noise™, which is when you are loud, persistent, and determined to get your message out there – in a way that’s meaningful and filled with love.

What you’ll receive when you enroll in Celestial Changemakers:

Monthly Live Class

Every month, we will work on topics to help you become the Changemaker you are destined to be. I’ll teach this topic during a live class, which will be recorded in case you can’t make it. During the class, you’ll receive laser-focused training and time to ask questions.

Duration: 60 minutes a month

Monthly Q&A Call

This is your opportunity to get your questions answered in a sacred, safe space, where you can be vulnerable and open about your feelings, challenges, and successes. All of our Q&A calls are recorded, and if you can’t attend live, you are welcome to email your questions to me in advance.

Duration: 60 minutes a month

Monthly Book Selection

Each month, I will mail you a book that matches the learning theme. Think of this book as your textbook for the month. While reading it is optional, you will get more out of this course if you do. And because I’ll send it to you directly, you don’t have to worry about buying it on your own.

Facebook Group

Celestial Changemakers need a virtual gathering space, and that’s exactly what our Facebook Group will do. You can post questions, express your frustrations, and celebrate your wins – without fear of judgment. Additionally, all of the learning modules, replays, and book discussions will be housed in the Facebook Group  so you won’t have to hunt for the content.

Access To The Celestial Circle

All Celestial Changemakers will obtain 12-months’ access to my membership group, The Celestial Circle. The Celestial Circle will offer another layer of support and marketing direction – all folded into a loving and robust community. You’ll love this circle of fellow entrepreneurs!

How I will guide you on this journey:

Jill CelesteI see myself in many roles as your guide to becoming a Celestial Changemaker. This is how I will help you:

  • I will be your cheerleader – the person who will root you on and believe in you (even when you don’t believe in yourself)
  • I will be your sister – someone who lovingly pushes you, challenges you to stretch further, and loves you, despite any imperfections you feel are standing in your way
  • I will be your guide – the mentor you need to teach you about marketing, and the coach you need to help you bust through any mindset blocks
  • I will be your compass – just as sailors relied on the stars to navigate their ships through nighttime skies, I will be your ever-shining North Star, guiding you on this journey, even when the seas are rough and scary.

What will I learn from this course?

Here are the learning objectives for Celestial Changemakers:

  • Understanding exactly who and what you are taking a stand for
  • How to create compelling marketing messages
  • Building a community of raving fans and supporters who can help you spread your message
  • What it takes to be a conscientious leader
  • How to market without fear
  • How to be more visible in the marketplace
  • How to persuade people to act on something
  • Increased confidence, bravery, and courage
  • How to push through resistance
  • Dealing with (and perhaps ignoring) critics, naysayers, Internet trolls, and other negative people
  • The benefits of self-care
  • How to persevere

And what results should I expect?

More confidence, a better sense of purpose, greater fulfillment, better alignment with your marketing, changed minds, causes getting attention, problems being solved, and probably, more clients.

Join us, Changemaker.

It’s time to speak your truth. It’s time to push past your fears of judgment and criticism.

It’s time to change the world.

But to do so, you must embrace your role as a Changemaker, and use your business and platform for the betterment of the world.

And it starts with this first step.

It starts with joining Celestial Changemakers today.

We begin January 2019 and will go through December 2019. You must sign up by Friday, December 21, 2018.

Your payment options:

12 monthly installments of $235 (starting December 2018)

Pay only $235/month

One-time payment of $2,495 (save money when you pay in full)

Make one-time payment of $2495

Got questions?

If you have any questions about the Celestial Changemakers course, please send me a direct message through my Facebook Page. I will be happy to help you.

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