Conducting A Monthly LinkedIn Audit

Conducting a Monthly LinkedIn AuditDo you use LinkedIn for personal branding?

LinkedIn accounts for 22 percent of all Internet users, and with 38 percent of LinkedIn users earning $75,000 or more a year, it’s a powerful social media site for networking with peers, influencers and potential customers.

One of the most important tips I share with my clients is to make sure you audit your LinkedIn profile regularly – ideally once a month – to maximize your presence on this platform.

Here are some tips on conducting a monthly audit of your LinkedIn profile:

#1: Get more recommendations

If you can acquire at least one high-quality recommendation a month, you will be enhancing your LinkedIn profile with social proof that will make you stand out from the pack. Each month, make a list of three LinkedIn connections that you would like a recommendation from, and then email each connection individually and ask if they could write a recommendation for you. If it feels right to do so, write a glowing recommendation on your connection’s profile, and more than likely, he will return the favor.

By asking three connections a month for a recommendation, you are increasing your chances of getting at least one back. If you get more than one, that’s even better!

#2: Update your samples, projects and publications

Constantly rotate your portfolio samples and work-related projects to keep your LinkedIn profile as “fresh” as possible. Many LinkedIn users view a profile multiple times, so if you are updating content, you are giving the user something new to look at during each visit.

Have you published an ebook? How about a guest blog post on someone’s website? If you published anything during the past 30 days, be sure to add your publications to your LinkedIn profile also.

#3: Review the background, experience and education sections

Every month, take a “hard look” at what you’ve written for your background, experience and education. Can you clarify anything? Make a stronger statement? Add more keywords?

These sections may not need a monthly update, but it is still important to read and review them. After a period of time, you may think of a way to strengthen these sections, making your personal brand stand out even more.

#4: Evaluate your LinkedIn groups

Have you ever found a great-sounding LinkedIn group, and after joining, discovered it’s not your cup of tea? It happens to everyone! However, many LinkedIn users do not bother to leave the group.

Once a month, take a look at the groups you belong to. Are you active in each one? Should you leave any groups? Should you make a commitment to be more active?

Schedule time each month to conduct a LinkedIn audit. Add 30 minutes to your calendar for the whole year and stick to your schedule. This will ensure you are keeping your LinkedIn profile in top form and representing your personal brand in the best possible light.

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5 thoughts on “Conducting A Monthly LinkedIn Audit

  1. Vatsala Shukla

    Evaluating the LinkedIn Groups most probably is the one area that many of us overlook until we hit the limit of 50 and have to make an assessment as to whether it is working for us or not. Top drawer recommendation to add it to the monthly LinkedIn audit. Thanks, Jill.

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      Hi, Vatsala! I know I am guilty of not keeping track of my LinkedIn groups, which is why I check it out every 30 days. =) Thank you so much for your comment.

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      Hi, Christine! Thank you so much for your comment – and so glad you are taking action by adding it to your Toodledo! A great tool from what I understand! =)

  2. Maria

    Great idea about doing a monthly LinkedIn! I’m going to make it something to do the 1st of each month to stay on top of it. Thanks, Jill.


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