Cool Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Sales Prospects

Have you ever heard of the expression, “the magic is in the follow up?”

That’s very true for the sales process. Often, people are not ready to commit to your products or services, and you need to follow up with them on a consistent basis to keep your name “top of mind.”

Often, entrepreneurs will use email and phone calls to follow up with sales prospects. While there is nothing wrong with these methods, there are other ways you can stay in touch. Diversifying your approach often leads to better results!

Check out these four cool ways to stay in touch with your sales prospects:

Cool Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Sales Prospects

#1: Send an article or tip that would be of interest to them

One time, I had a prospect who worked with perspective authors, and I saw a media inquiry from HARO (Help A Reporter Out) that she could respond to. I emailed her the inquiry with directions on how to respond. She was so appreciative!

If you see a blog post, article or other item of interest, send it to your sales prospect. You can email it her, or simply tag her name on social media. An even better idea would be to “snail mail” it to your prospect. People do not get much personal mail anymore, so you’ll definitely stand out!

#2: Use an automated card delivery system

Sites such as Send Out Cards and Postable make it super easy for you to send greeting cards, gifts and postcards to your sales prospects. As I have mentioned already, people rarely get personal mail these days, so sending out something in the mail is a great approach.

You can store your prospects’ information on these websites (including birthdays and anniversaries). And the selection of cards range from inspiration to funny. Check them out for a great way to automate your “keep in touch” campaign.

#3: Use Amazon Prime and send small gifts

One of the best investments I make every year is Amazon Prime. Their free shipping option pays for itself. Consider sending your favorite book, or a journal, or other small gift to your prospects – right through Amazon. You can include a gift message, and they’ll ship for you. It’s easy, and you don’t have to stand in line at the post office!

#4: Get her opinion on a new product or service

Want to make your sales prospect feel extra special? Ask her for her opinion on a new product or service you are creating. Including your sales prospect in your market research helps you in many ways. First, you’ll get valuable feedback from your ideal client. Also, it’s a great “touch point” between you and your sales prospect (without feeling too “sales-y”). Finally, being involved in the market research may pique your sales prospect’s interest and encourage her to buy from you.

Think about how you want to be kept in touch with as someone’s sales prospect. While you may be okay with “just checking in” emails and phone calls, how delighted would you feel about receiving a card in the mail, or being asked for your opinion on a product? You want your sales prospects to feel extra special. Incorporate some different follow-up techniques with them, and you’ll see your conversion rate increase.

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12 thoughts on “Cool Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Sales Prospects

  1. Lisa Hutchison

    I have utilized tip #1 the article method with success. I love the idea of asking someone about their opinion on a product or upcoming service. Thanks for the tips Jill!

  2. Stacy

    Thanks for the great tips Jill! Although I don’t have a product to sell just yet, I will be keeping this handy for when I do! I love the market research tip…we all liked to be asked for our opinion, don’t we?

  3. Nadia

    I really loved your 4 tips. I so agree that these days this little touch of intimacy and showing that you care, actually seeing the person beyond the sale, is missing in business very often.

    I can see myself with following up with any 4 of these. Thank you, Jill 🙂

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      Hi, Nadia! Thank you for stopping by! Yes, totally agree that we are missing the “human touch” in our business communications. When you show you care, you have a customer for life. =)


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