How To Create A Process For Marketing With Custom Images

How To Create A Process For Marketing With Custom ImagesCustom images are an effective way to market your business, especially when you share them through social media.

But you may be wondering, how you can leverage custom graphics for your business, especially if you are not a graphic designer.  In this blog post, I will share with you the process I follow for creating custom graphics and sharing them on social media. Feel free to use this process yourself, or adapt it for your own needs.

Creating custom graphics

I am not a graphic designer, and I could not afford to have a graphic designer on retainer for all of my graphic needs. Therefore, I had to learn to create my own graphics without using Photoshop (which I could never make heads or tails of!). Here are some of my go-to tools for creating graphics:

After you select a tool to help you make your graphics, remember to keep it simple. For example, for my blog posts, I search for a picture from Flickr Creative Commons (make sure to check the license for the photo you select), and then go to PicMonkey to add the blog title and my web address.  If you want to create graphics for quotes (whether your own or someone else’s), consider a solid background and a nice font type for the quote. Keeping your graphic clean and simple will eliminate the stress on you, plus you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing graphic to share with the world.

Sharing your custom graphics

Once you have created your graphic, consider a posting strategy for how you’ll share it on social media. Here’s a flow you can think about for your marketing plan:

1)      Post it to your Facebook page and Google Plus account

2)      Then, post it to Tumblr (or blogging software) and pin from there to Pinterest

3)      Then, tweet the graphic through Twitter

4)      Then, upload to Instagram

I have a similar posting strategy, and it can all be accomplished on the same day in just minutes if you use your smartphone or tablet. I have an iPhone and iPad, and I find that storing the graphic on my device’s Camera Roll allows me to easily post it across all social media platforms in seconds.

After you post your graphic, don’t hesitate to post it again and again. Chances are that many of your social media fans missed the initial post. If some time has passed, post it again on Facebook or Twitter, and see if you get any additional interaction from your fans.

It’s a visual world, and to help spread your message, consider creating custom images to share on your social media channels. Remember to keep your graphic creations simple (especially if you are not a graphic designer!) and to have a consistent posting strategy that works like clockwork for you. Once you get the “rhythm” down, you will be surprised how fun and easy it is to stretch your creative muscles and design simple graphics for your business. And your social media interaction will benefit as well.

Photo courtesy of University of the Fraser Valley


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