Creating a VIP Day For Your Clients

Have you ever heard of a “VIP Day”?

This is a special, sacred experience you would create for your clients where you give them laser-focused, hot seat coaching to help them achieve their results faster.

You can do a VIP Day to help create a deeper connection with your client, which leads to more precise coaching and engagement. Your clients will love it!

In this week’s marketing strategy, I spell out some key steps you need to consider in creating your VIP Day. But this biggest step is this: Just do it! Your clients will be so glad to have this experience with you.

Creating A VIP Day For Your Clients by Jill Celeste,



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Often what your client wants and what she needs are two different things. - Jill Celeste,


Have you considered hosting a VIP day for your clients? A VIP Day is when you work one-on-one or with a small group of clients in an intimate setting, giving them specific coaching on their issues. A VIP Day occurs above and beyond your usual coaching packages, and you would charge your clients for this extra time with you.

If this sounds like something your clients would love, check out these tips for creating a magical VIP experience for your clients.

#1: Decide the setting

You can host your VIP Day in person or virtually. Each setting has its pros and cons. Check it out:

In-Person VIP Day: An in-person VIP Day is very intimate because of the face-to-face connection. People tend to open up more with someone sitting in front of them. You would need to find space for your VIP Day (your home is okay), and you may want to consider costs such as food and beverages. Also think about if people would travel to you for your VIP Day. If you have a lot of local connections, an in-person VIP Day may be perfect!

Virtual VIP Day: You can host your Virtual VIP Day through Zoom or Skype. With a virtual event, you don’t have to consider costs for space, food or beverages (which may mean you can charge less for this experience). Virtual VIP Days work great when your clients don’t live near you.

#2: Require a questionnaire

Before your client attends her VIP Day, have her complete a questionnaire in advance. Don’t be afraid to dig deep here. Often, you’ll give tactical advice, but, mindset issues can creep up. Ask open-ended questions that will give a thorough look into her questions and issues.

Once your client returns the questionnaire to you, spend time reading it. Take notes and answer two questions from your review: What does your client want (based on her survey answers), and what does your client need? Often, they are two different things. You’ll want to address both during your VIP Day.

#3: Host the “hot seat” during the VIP Day

Now that you’ve decided where to host your VIP Day and received the questionnaire back from your client, it’s time to host the day. A VIP Day consists of “hot seats” – when you have a sacred conversation with your participants, going over their questionnaire, answering their questions, and coaching them on what they need to do next.

You may want to invite your clients to record the hot seat. If there are other participants attending, ask one of them to take notes for your client as you speak to her. Your client won’t remember everything (which is normal!). Providing a way to recall the conversation will help your client take action on what she needs to do.

#4: Make sure she knows her action items

As you end the hot seat, take a moment to summarize what her action items are. You may want to write them out for her. I’ve seen mentors put this information on a flip chart and rip the page off to give to her client! You can ask the note taker to write down the assignments too. Just be sure your client doesn’t leave her hot seat without a clear understanding on what she needs to do.

Now that you know these four steps to creating a VIP Day, when will you host yours? Take imperfect action and pick a date now. Ask your tribe and gauge who would be interested. Once you host your own VIP Day, you’ll feel more confident about serving your clients this way (and you’ll love the revenue stream!). Good luck – I am rooting for you!


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  1. Debra Reble

    I love when we receive exactly what we need from the universe and you are my angel today. I had just written in my journal the intention to create a VIP day for my clients. I didn’t know anything about this topic until I read your timely post. It was also a divine message from the universe that it’s time I offered them. Thank you Jill for being my divine messenger today! <3

  2. krystal

    Hey Jill,
    This post is filled with great content. Thank you! I have been pondering the idea of intimate conversations with clients and how valuable these are in the celebration of the whole, the collective. Thanks for triggering my mind and my heart!
    xo Krystal

  3. Andrea

    I love divine timing — Nancy and I were just talking about this as part of our author services work. For now, this will “just” add to our thinking. Stay tuned.

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