Don’t Stress When People Unsubscribe Or Unfollow You

As you gain traction with your marketing, you will attract many people to your social media profiles and email list.

A part of this process, though, is for people to change their minds, and decide to either unfollow your social media account, or unsubscribe for your email list. What should you do if this happens?

Always remember this: The person who unfollowed or unsubscribed from you has done you a favor. It just means he is not your ideal client. Don’t take it personally! Wish him well, and focus on the followers and subscribers who are still with you.

However, if you see a “mass exodus” of email subscribers or social media followers, it’s time to see what’s going with your online marketing.

Assess your online marketing

If you see a large amount of unfollows or unsubscribes at the same time, assess your marketing to see if you can make any improvements in your messaging:

  • If you sent an email and many people unsubscribed, consider your subject line or message. Did you say something offensive? Was your subject line misleading? Was your email too sales-y and didn’t show the value of your offerings?
  • It’s important to note that you will see an increase in unsubcribers after you send a promotional email. It’s a natural part of the process. Many people make their decisions about staying on your list after getting a marketing message – and some will decide to move on. Again, it’s okay!
  • On Facebook, you can see dates when people decide to unfollow your Facebook page. Cross check those dates with what you posted that day. Was your post too promotional? Were you not adding value? How can you adjust your Facebook posts for the future?

Mass unfollowing on Twitter

When you see a sudden loss of followers on Twitter, it may have nothing to do with your content. Often, Twitter will clean up their user databases, erasing users with suspected spamming activities. One day, I lost more than 100 Twitter followers as a result of this clean up. While it can be startling to see, be glad for Twitter’s diligence, as it means you only have followers who truly are interested in your message.

Quality over quantity

Truth be told, it’s better to have 400 high-quality followers or subscribers than 1,000 who do not care about your message.

Targeting your ideal audience may not result in a flood of followers or subscribers, but it will result in attracting the right people who want to hear from you.

These people will become members of your tribe – your raving fans who will purchase from you and refer you to others. When it comes to email and social media marketing, quality is always better over quantity.


It can be disconcerting to learn that people do not want to hear your message through social media or email. It’s important, though, to change your philosophy about when people unfollow or unsubscribe from you. They are not your ideal client – nothing more, nothing less. When you do not stress about unsubscribes and unfollows, you can focus on helping the people who are still with you, serving them through authentic marketing and heartfelt community building.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Stress When People Unsubscribe Or Unfollow You

  1. Tae

    As always, such useful information! You made me feel a lot better about seeing unsubscribes! Thank you for being so genuine & truly wanting to help your followers! xo

  2. Melody Moser

    Thanks, Jill, for this very helpful post. I’m one of those people who stresses when I see unsubscribes, on Facebook, Twitter and after sending emails. This makes me feel much better about it. 🙂


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