Get More Clients Through JV Partnerships

Have you ever heard of “JV partnerships”?

JV (“joint-venture”) partnerships are informal relationships you forge with other entrepreneurs, who have the same ideal client as you (but serve them in different ways).

With these partnerships, you become a trusted referral partner – someone who refers ideal clients to your partner.

And, of course, your JV partner reciprocates.

It’s an authentic and effective way to attract your ideal clients.

It’s safe to say: If you don’t have JV partners, you are missing out on potential leads! Be sure to check out this week’s marketing strategy to learn how to create JV partnerships to attract more clients to your business.

Get More Clients Through JV Partnerships by Jill Celeste,



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Who can you ask to be your JV partner? - Jill Celeste,


If you need more clients, consider forming joint-venture (JV) partnerships with other entrepreneurs.

JV partnerships are a fantastic way to give and get referrals, and with the right partnerships, you’ll have a pipeline of qualified sales leads coming your way.

While some JV partnerships can include affiliate links, it doesn’t have to be this formal. Think: “I scratch your back, and you scratch mine.”

How do you form JV partnerships?

First, write down the types of businesses who share the same type of ideal client as you. For this exercise, draw one large circle in the center of page, and then draw several smaller circles around the larger one. Then, in each small circle, write down the type of business that serve your ideal clients (but in a different way).

Here’s an example for a wedding photographer:

What other businesses have the same ideal client as you? - Jill Celeste,

Now, think about entrepreneurs you know who own these types of businesses, and write down each entrepreneur’s name. Reach out to each person. Here’s what you can say (if you’re not sure):

“I believe we share the same ideal clients, and I think it would be advantageous for us both to have an informal partnership where we refer business to each other. Can we chat on the phone or over coffee to discuss further?”

(Don’t worry; she’ll say yes!)

Once you’re meeting with this entrepreneur, ask him about his business first, and then share information about yours. Get names and contact information on the spot if possible. And make sure to reciprocate as you can.

Supply your JV partner with the right details

Another thing:  You don’t want you JV partner to have to guess one thing about your business. You want to supply her with the right information to give awesome referrals to you, such as:

  • Who you want to work with (your ideal clients)
  • How someone can reach you
  • What locations you serve
  • What types of programs/services you offer

Think about putting this information in writing so that your JV partner has it. Even something as simple as a dozen or so of your business cards will help!

Forming JV partnerships is a productive and profitable client attraction strategy – no matter what type of business you’re in. Who can you reach out to? Make a plan and start contacting these entrepreneurs right away. That’s how you’ll get the clients you need!

Need more clients?

If you need more ideas on how to get clients, check out my Magnetic Marketing Checklist (it’s a free download!). It’s packed with ideas on how to authentically attract more customers to your business.

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4 thoughts on “Get More Clients Through JV Partnerships

  1. Rachel

    That is the next step for me, I am thinking of making joint videos and interviews with other women entrepreneurs in the health field, so I appreciate your suggestions.

  2. Claudette Chenevert

    Hi Jill. I agree that having JVs helps us to grow our business. I would add that to have a JV, think of it as dating. You poke around and look for a nice fit. You then “date” for a while, before becoming “serious.” JVs are relationships that when nurtured properly from the start can last a very long time.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


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