Growing Your Facebook Group

Do you have a Facebook Group?

That’s awesome! I love my Facebook Group because it allows me to connect with my tribe.

Side note: Feel free to join my group – we would love to have you!.

Sometimes, though, we get so focused on serving the members of our group that we forget to add more members to our Facebook Group.

Facebook Groups can be integral to growing your know/like/trust factor, which translates to more clients to serve. To grow, we need to add more ideal clients to our Facebook Groups.

Take a moment to check out this week’s marketing strategy, where I share tips on how to add more tribe members to your Facebook Group.

Growing Your Facebook Group by Jill Celeste,



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How will you grow your Facebook Group today? - Jill Celeste,


Facebook Groups are an excellent marketing strategy if your ideal clients are on Facebook, and you want to build your tribe online.

Bonus good news: Facebook Groups also favor well in Facebook’s algorithm, so you will be able to get your posts out to your members!

One of the aspects of a successful Facebook Group is to create a strategy where you are consistently attracting new members to your group. The more people in your group, the more people you are serving. This translates to more clients, more referral sources, and higher income.

How do you consistently add more ideal clients to your Facebook Group? Truthfully, there are many ways, but here are the ones I have found to be the most effective.

#1: Email marketing

If you have an email list (of any size), you want to invite your subscribers to your Facebook Group. Plan to send invite emails on a regular basis, such as once a quarter. Share details about your group, such as who it’s perfect for and the kind of activities you have in your group. In a way, you’re “selling” your group, so make sure to list the benefits of joining.

In addition to email your subscribers, you can include an invite to your group in your autoresponders. You can also include a link to the group in the “thank-you page” for your lead magnets.

One final tip: Add a link to your group in your email signature!

#2: Facebook ads

For just a few dollars a day, you can run a Facebook ad campaign that will attract new members to your group.

If you are not savvy with Facebook ads, hire someone to help you, or take a course. Facebook Ads are very effective if you know what you’re doing.

With the right ad campaign, you can easily add members every day to your group. And not just any members, but ones who are your ideal clients, based on the interests you select for your ad.

(This is why it’s so important to know who your ideal client is! If you need help defining your ideal client, download my book for free at My book has a whole chapter about ideal clients.)

#3: Share your group on Facebook

If you look in your group, right under the cover photo, you’ll see a “share” button. This button gives you the option to share your group on your personal timeline, business page, another group, and more.

On a regular basis (such as once a month), share your group on Facebook. Just like with your email, explain who the group is for and what the person should expect when she joins your group.

Final tips for growing your Facebook Group

  • Do not automatically add people to your group. It’s like forcing someone to come into your house and stay. Instead, send the person an invite through email or Facebook Messenger.
  • Make sure to welcome your new members. You can welcome them individually as they join or bundle several members into one post. Make sure to tag the new members and ask that they introduce themselves.
  • Use your marketing calendar to help you plan when you’ll send email invites to your list and share your group on social media.

Facebook Groups are a wonderful way to connect to your existing tribe, but it’s not the only function. Think about how you can add people to your group so that you can build the know/like/trust factor. Use the tips outlined in this marketing strategy to help you build your group and attract your ideal clients. How will you grow your Facebook Group today?


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