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You need to share your gifts with the worldDearest Celestial One:

You are such a wonderful expert in your industry and craft. You have such a gift to share with the world.

But you’re getting hung up in your marketing – which means you are not attracting the right clients or earning enough money from your business.

Truth be told: When it comes time to market your business, you are at a loss. Compounding matters, marketing can feel “icky” at times because it seems so contrived, formulaic and inauthentic.

Does that sound like you? Rest assured: With the right guidance, you can overcome your marketing struggles – and feel great about the process.

May I offer you a resource?

I would like to introduce you to the Celestial Marketing System™ – a four-part process that I developed to teach you how to become the Director of Marketing for your business.  The Celestial Marketing System outlines the steps you need to follow to market smarter, not harder – and without losing your authentic voice in the process.

How is the Celestial Marketing System different from other marketing systems out there? So many marketing schools and coaches focus on the fundamentals first, which is great when you’re already making a profit from your business. But what if you’re struggling? Learning the fundamentals is important – don’t get me wrong – but it is the scenic route to getting more clients.

The first two steps of the Celestial Marketing System are not about marketing fundamentals. Instead, I will teach you how to take imperfect – yet effective – marketing action so you start seeing results sooner than later.

Imperfect Action Is Better Than Perfect Inaction

Through these first two steps, you’ll develop your marketing essentials and learn client attraction strategies that you can implement right away. You’ll feel more confident knowing you are “moving your feet,” and you’ll blow past the “analysis paralysis” that is stifling your business growth.

The last two steps, though, are all about the fundamentals. We’ll get a strong marketing foundation“under you, so you can build upon the imperfect marketing action you took in Steps 1 and 2.

While you learn these marketing fundamentals, you’ll also have permission to break free from the formulas and rigid marketing practices that have plagued you in the past. The best marketing is heart-centered marketing, and that’s why, in Steps 3 and 4, you’ll learn how to market with your authentic voice, find and build your tribe, and understand how you are the best healer for your ideal clients.

If you diligently implement these steps, your marketing will no longer be chaotic and overwhelming. In fact, you’ll have total control over your marketing, knowing you have a plan in place to attract more clients and earn more money.

Imagine how great you’ll feel knowing that you finally get this “marketing thing” without ever sacrificing your integrity or authenticity. This can all be achieved through the Celestial Marketing System.

The Celestial Marketing System™

What is the Celestial Marketing System?

STEP 1: Develop Your Marketing Essentials

During this first step, you’ll learn how to develop the key marketing essentials you need to share your gifts with your ideal clients. This step is all about “imperfect action.” We’ll work on your “perfection” mindset so that you can feel comfortable releasing your marketing essentials into the world (knowing they can always be updated later). Here are just a few of the “essentials” you will learn how to develop in Step 1:

  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Elevator Speech
  • Packages and Pricing

STEP 2: Get Clients Now

In Step 2, you’ll learn the three effective marketing tactics you need to implement right away to help you get clients now. These marketing activities are “tried and true,” and will help you develop a “get clients now” mindset. Hand in hand with Developing Your Marketing Essentials, this second step is all about taking imperfect action to grow your business.

STEP 3: Build Your Marketing Foundation

Now that you’ve taken some “imperfect action,” you can start working on your marketing foundation. During this third step, you’ll learn the fundamentals of marketing, including the following

  • Who are you meant to serve?
  • You, the best healer for your tribe
  • Writing your marketing love messages
  • Updating your marketing essentials
  • Finding your tribe

STEP 4: Implement Your Marketing

Once you’ve built the foundation, it’s time to implement! Take a look at what you’ll learn in Step 4:

  • Taking action on your marketing plan
  • Building your tribe
  • Measuring results

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If so, let’s set up a Get-Acquainted Call to determine which learning method works best for you. I currently offer Celestial Marketing System instruction through my private coaching programs or through the Celestial Marketing Academy. Click here to schedule your Get-Acquainted Call today.