How To Ask For Client Testimonials

How to ask for client testimonials by Jill CelesteAsking your clients for testimonials may be scary (what if they say no?!?!), but it’s an integral part of your marketing strategy.

You see, testimonials are valuable social proof. They explain the results of working with you from your clients’ perspective. And, if you use testimonials correctly, they can do the marketing work for you.

Furthermore, you should strive to get high-quality testimonials – ones that tell the story of your client’s transformation. Talk about powerful!

You may be wondering: How can you get high-quality testimonials from your past and current clients?

In this week’s marketing strategy, I will break down the steps you need to follow to ask your clients for testimonials. If you follow these steps, you will get amazing testimonials that you’ll be proud to share.



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A powerful testimonial is one that tells the story of your client's transformation. - Jill Celeste


Client testimonials are super important for your marketing – instead of you telling everyone how great your programs and services are, you have your client saying it.

And having a client raving about working with you is way more believable than you saying it all the time.

Let’s look at how you can ask your clients for testimonials in such a way that their testimonials will be high-quality social proof for your marketing.

Don’t wait to ask for a testimonial

Entrepreneurs (mistakenly) often wait until the end of the program to ask for the testimonial. By the time, the client has mentally “moved on.”

Instead, begin asking for a referral in the middle of the program or when the client gets a great result. Catch your client when she’s excited, and her joy will reflect in her testimonial.

Make it easy to give you a testimonial

If you want a great testimonial, you need to make the testimonial process as easy as possible for your client. Clients are usually willing to give a testimonial but the thought of writing one can be daunting.

Here’s the process I created to get testimonials from my clients:

  • I sent a four-question survey to my client, asking her to share her experiences.
  • I tell my clients they don’t have to answer in complete sentences; just to get her thoughts down.
  • I find a photo from her website or social media account, so she doesn’t have to send one to me.
  • Once I have her survey answers, I finesse it into a testimonial and post it on my website (with her photo).
  • I email my client back with the web address to her testimonial, asking her if she’s okay with it and to send me any corrections.

I get amazing, heartfelt, and effective testimonials using this process!

Use before and after statements

Remember, the point of a testimonial is to convince a sales prospect to want to work with you. To accomplish this, you want to make sure your clients’ testimonials have before and after statements. Here’s an example:

Before I started working with Jill my marketing was a disorganized mess, and after working with Jill, I know exactly what to do with my marketing.

The before statement summarizes what her life was like before working with you (your sales prospect’s current situation). The after statement shares how great life is now. If you can add statistics or data to the after statement, this will strengthen the entire testimonial (“I increased my mailing list by 25 percent, thanks to my work with Jill”).

Now that you understand how to get high-quality testimonials, it’s time to start asking your clients for their testimonials. They will be glad to help you, especially if you make it easy for them to share their experience.

Next week, I will share how to use your testimonials in your marketing. I will talk to you then!

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