How To Get Your Ideal Clients To Attend Your Events

Workshops, mastermind groups, seminars – they are all excellent ways to share your message and market your business. So, how do you get your ideal clients to attend your event?

The key is to make sure to write a marketing plan with specific tactics on how you’ll promote your event. Here are four tactics to consider adding to your event marketing plan, and remember: the more you market, the better the results:

How To Get Your Ideal Clients To Attend Your Events

#1: Use social media

You probably planned on posting your event on your Facebook page, but there are other ways to use social media for event promotion. For example, create an event in Facebook and Google Plus, and invite your friends or circles through the invite. You can also use Meetup as a way to promote your event. Finally, consider using Facebook ads. You can target the ads to the zip codes near your event location, as well as interests, sex, ages and more. Facebook ads are a great way to reach people beyond your network, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to use Facebooks ads effectively.

#2: Write and distribute a press release

Write a press release with the basics about your event. Make sure to include who your event will benefit the most, as well as key logistical information (date, time, location, cost). Once you have the press release written, you will want to send it to a variety of different resources:

  • Your local newspapers (try to send it to the reporter in charge of business events)
  • Local TV and radio stations
  • Free and paid online public relations directories (, for example)
  • Local Chambers of Commerce
  • Colleges, vocational schools and technical institutes
  • Post on your website

#3: Create a one-page flyer

A simple one-page, black-and-white flyer is a must for event promotion. Ask the facility where you are hosting your event if you can leave flyers in their lobby. You will also want to bring flyers with you to every networking event. Consider visiting new networking groups prior to your event to extend your reach even more.

Depending on the type of event you are hosting, consider emailing your flyer as a PDF to your clients, sales prospects and partners. Don’t just ask them to attend; make sure to ask them to share the flyer with their email lists.

#4: Host a “sneak peek” webinar or teleclass

Attract attendees to your event by offering a sneak peek through a free webinar or teleclass. This strategy is especially helpful if you are charging a fee to attend your event.

During your free class, offer a high-level overview of what you’ll be going in depth on during your event. At the end of your webinar or teleclass, offer participants to take a “deep dive” by attending your event. Sweeten the pot with a special “webinar-only” discount (with an expiration date) for attendees. If you offer enough good content during your free event, the participants will be more likely to want to pay a fee for even more.

the more you market, the better the results:

Your ideal clients want to hear your content, but it’s your responsibility to promote your event so they will know about it. Having a promotion or marketing plan is essential. Consider these four tips and measure the success of each one. That way, when you do the next event, you will know which tactics to use again (or to scrap).


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  1. Dawn

    Great tips, Jill! Thank you. So many entrepreneurs miss these opportunities for connection. I love the clarity of your posts.


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