How To Incorporate Client Testimonials Into Your Marketing

How To Incorporate Client Testimonials Into Your Marketing by Jill CelesteHow can you incorporate client testimonials in your marketing, so that they can do the selling for you?

Let’s face it: You worked hard to get those testimonials. You just don’t want them collecting dust on your Dropbox. It’s time to share those awesome testimonials with the world.

You may be feeling a little nervous about sharing your testimonials because you don’t want to be perceived as too boastful. Please move past this fear (it’s your Ego talking). Your ideal clients need proof that you can help them. And testimonials are the best way to share this proof.

Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate your testimonials into your marketing. Be sure to implement all of these ideas over time. You want your testimonials to be front and center in your marketing – at all times.

(P.S. If you aren’t sure how to ask clients for testimonials, or what constitutes an amazing testimonial, check out last week’s blog post and strategy video. I’ve got you covered!)



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Effective testimonials can do the marketing work for you. - Jill Celeste


Congratulations – you have awesome, awe-inspiring testimonials from your clients. Now, it’s your job to share your testimonials far and wide in your marketing. Here are four ways to incorporate your testimonials in your marketing:

#1: Add a testimonial page to your website

Your website should have an entire page devoted to testimonials. Once you have two or three testimonials collected, create a Testimonial page. I have a “Praise” page that I continuously update with testimonials from my clients.

Your testimonial page can be shared with your sales prospects before an Introductory Sales Call. Not to mention that any visitor to your website can review your testimonials – which will help them feel more confident about taking the next step with you.

#2: Create a testimonial flyer

In addition to having your testimonials on your website, you should have a testimonial flyer that you can distribute at networking meetings, speaking gigs, and wherever you’re hanging out with ideal clients and referral partners.

My testimonial flyer is a Word document. I add my logo to the top and copy/paste the testimonials into the Word doc. I also add a call to action at the end of the flyer so people know the next step.

Keep it simple! A testimonial flyer is a super effective way to get people interested in working with you.

#3: Add to your e-newsletter

If you send an e-newsletter to your tribe, considering sprinkling client testimonials into each issue.

Create a collection of graphics and then rotate each one. Or leverage the exact verbiage from your Testimonial page. Start at the top and work your way down the Testimonial page. When you reach the bottom, go back to the top. It’s okay to repeat testimonials!

#4: Create images with your testimonials

Testimonial images are super handy to have. You can share them on your social media sites, in your e-newsletter, at the bottom of your blog posts, in PowerPoint presentations, and so much more.

Use a tool such as Canva or PicMonkey to help you create testimonial graphics. Or hire a graphic designer to help you. If you go the DIY route, I recommend having a testimonial template – something you can repurpose with each testimonial. This will save you time, plus it leads to branding consistency. It doesn’t have to be fancy – just your branding colors and font type.

Here are some testimonial graphics that I created for Instagram and Twitter – just to get your creative juices flowing.

Testimonial by Denise Lang for The Celestial Circle Testimonial by Connie Jo Miller for The Celestial Circle

Now that you have four ways to incorporate testimonials in your marketing, it’s time to start creating! Be bold in sharing your testimonials. Your sales prospects will be so assured to see how you’ve transformed the lives of your clients. Testimonials, when used properly, will do your marketing for you. But you have to share them to achieve this. Start sharing – and watch those sales prospects convert into paying clients!

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