How To Increase Your Cash Flow

Would you like to increase your cash flow – but you’re not sure how?

To be honest, it’s not as hard as you may think. It’s all about marketing!

But I don’t want you to market “frantically” – instead, let’s work smarter, not harder. And that means we need to take a moment to determine the best way to add cash flow to your business.

Check out this week’s marketing strategy video and blog post for tips on how to improve your cash flow. You got this!

How to increase your cash flow by Jill Celeste,



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Want to increase your cash flow? by Jill Celeste,

Money has energy. - Jill Celeste,


How can you increase your business’s cash flow?

At the end of the day, having increased cash flow is what most entrepreneurs want – and that’s perfectly okay! There is no shame in wanting to make more money. Money has energy! If you are making money, you are helping and healing people (and that’s what your purpose is, right?). And then you can use that money to pay your bills, save for the future, go on a vacation, or reinvest in your business.

There are two schools of “cash flow” thought I want to share with you. Which one resonates with you?

#1: Turn up the volume on what’s been working

Take a look at how you’ve attracted your clients. Did you find them through networking? Facebook Ads? Referrals?

If you’re not sure, ask! Reach out to all of your past and current clients with one simple question: “How did you hear about me?”

Pinpoint the top three ways you have found clients, and then make a plan to turn up the volume on those marketing tactics. Think “how can I double or triple this marketing activity?”

For example, if you have found most of your clients through networking, how can you double or triple the amount of networking meetings you attend?

Once you have the plan, get to work. Keep measuring your results so that you can see how effective this is. And don’t give up too soon. Try your “turn up the volume” plan for six months and then assess what needs to be adjusted.

#2: Find new ways to make money

If you have maxed out the marketing tactics that have brought you money in the past, then it’s time to consider new revenue streams. Here are some examples:

  • Add a group coaching program when you have only been doing 1:1 coaching
  • Add a new product or service to your offerings
  • Get a side job or side hustle
  • Raise your prices
  • Seek out paid speaking opportunities
  • Find affiliate opportunities

Here’s the thing: Most entrepreneurs will immediately try #2 to increase their cash flow. Truth be told, the “turning up the volume” method is the most effective. Additionally, it usually works faster.

My advice: Once you’ve tapped out those “tried and true” marketing tactics, then considering new revenue streams.

Now that you have this information, what is your plan for increasing your cash flow? Let me know in the comments below.

And remember, I am rooting for you – and I believe in you. Please stay in faith.


Jill CelesteHi, I’m Jill Celeste. I teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs (just like you) everything you need to know about marketing so you can become the Director of Marketing for your business.

Because when you put your Director of Marketing hat squarely on your head, marketing is your number one priority (which will result in more clients!).

When I am not teaching about marketing, you’ll find me hanging out with my husband or my teenage boys, or taking a nap with my basset hound, Emma. I also like to play with my two guinea pigs and feed the backyard ducks (much to my neighbor’s chagrin).

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11 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Cash Flow

  1. Dirk

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  2. Kelley Grimes

    I love your reminder that money has energy and that you can turn up the volume on how you are serving others in order to make more money Jill. Your strategies are clear and empowering! Thank you!

  3. Claudette Chenevert

    Hi Jill. Your tips are very down to earth and doable too. That’s what I love about them, especially where you mentioned to ramp up what’s already working rather than putting out something new (which is what I tend to do.)
    So now to do a bit of homework for myself.

  4. Kris Groth

    Thanks Jill! I needed this today! For me, number one doesn’t seem to be working anymore, but you had many good suggestions in number 2 that I have been doing or can work on implementing more of. I appreciate your wisdom!

  5. Lore Raymond

    Appreciating your growth and evolution, Jill! As always, this is a content-rich post that reflects a generous spirit (memes to share) and helpful tips PLUS a video if I don’t want to read. lol
    I like the metaphor of TURN UP THE VOLUME on what’s working and I’m doing that.
    Seems Spirit is guiding me to teach face-to-face and, online which I did lots of with 10 courses in 2014 and then stopped.
    Warm Sunday wishes this chilly morning~


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