How To Promote Your Webinar

I love webinars! A webinar is such a great way to attract new members to your tribe and share your expertise.

One of the questions I get from my students and clients is “how do I promote my webinar?”

Honestly, there are a ton of ways to promote your webinars. To help you get the creative juices flowing, I have outlined seven different promotional ideas in this marketing strategy.

How to promote your webinar by Jill Celeste,

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7 Ways To Promote Your Webinars by Jill Celeste,


Do you host webinars? If not, it may be a marketing strategy to consider because webinars can help you attract new email subscribers, connect with your community, share your expertise, and get more clients.

If you want to add webinars to your marketing mix, it’s important to think about how you’ll attract registrants to your webinars. There’s nothing more discouraging than hosting a webinar to only a few people.

Check out these seven promotion tips – and consider implementing them all (at least once) to spread the message about your webinars.

#1: Email your list

Your email subscribers have already expressed an interest in your products or services. More than likely, they would be interested in your upcoming webinar. The key to getting your email subscribers to register for your webinar is to constantly remind them about it. Set up an email sequence where you tell them about your webinar multiple times leading up to the event. People are natural procrastinators, so make sure to ramp up your emails 48 hours before your webinar – and at least once on the day of your webinar.

#2: Tell your social media fans and followers

Just like your email subscribers, your social media fans and followers are interested in you, so capitalize on this interest by letting them know about your webinar. Just don’t tell them once, though. You will need to constantly post about your webinar to get your followers’ attention. Set up auto tweets and posts through Hootsuite (or another social media dashboard) so you won’t forget about promoting your webinar every day.

#3: Advertise on Facebook

The beauty of Facebook advertising is that you can super target your ads so they reach your ideal audience. Admittedly, Facebook ads are an investment, but if you can afford to advertise, you’ll attract new people and existing Facebook fans to your webinar.

I do advise my students and clients to invest in a Facebook ad course or a Facebook ads professional to help. Facebook Ads are a nuance – and you’ll get more bang for your buck, if you’re highly skilled at using the platform.

#4: Ask others to promote it for you

Word of mouth is a great marketing tactic, and it’s especially effective for webinar promotion. Ask your trusted colleagues to share your webinar link on their social media accounts, or ask them to email it to people they know would be interested. Sweeten the pot by offering an affiliate link. That way, your colleagues could earn a commission from their referrals, which will motivate your colleagues to spread the word. Bonus Tip: When sharing the link to your webinar, be sure to add verbiage on what your colleague should say when promoting. Make it easy for them to share!

#5: Tell your networking groups

If you belong to any networking groups, you have an excellent resource for promoting your webinar. Create a one-page flier to share at your next meeting (make sure to give out extras so your fellow members can distribute for you). Post the webinar on any private Facebook or LinkedIn groups that are affiliated with your networking group. Also consider asking your networking group leader to post the webinar on their social media sites, such as a Facebook page or Twitter account.

#6: Write a guest blog post or article

Write a blog post or article about your webinar, and submit it to a high-traffic blog or website. Make sure to include at the end of your article a call to action about your webinar with a link to your registration page. Once published, be sure to promote your article on your social media channels.

#7: Secure an interview

Bloggers, podcasts hosts, radio hosts and other entrepreneurs are always looking for people to interview. Do some research on who to reach out to, and then pitch an interview idea to them. You’ll want the topic to be related to your webinar, and ask if you could mention your free webinar during the interview. Use your email list and social media sites to help spread the word about your interview, too.

If you want a successful, well attended webinar, you will need to come up with creative ways to get the word out. Hopefully, the seven tips offered in this marketing strategy will help you find the right promotional tactics for you.

Be sure to create a promotion (or marketing) plan for your webinar so you can document what you have done and the results of your efforts. This will help you make even better promotional decisions for future webinars – and attract your ideal clients that will want to hear from you.


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  1. Debra Reble

    OMG Jill! Your blog is so divinely timed! Today I launch my first ever webinar at 3pm! I’m so excited to come out from behind the curtain and speak on a topic that is near and dear to my heart! I just went through your checklist and with the assistance of Linda Joy and her team, we did everyone of them. Celebrating a successful launch today no matter the results. I stepped into my light! <3


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