“I am going to learn this marketing thing – once and for all.”

YThe world is full of beautiful things - just like you.ou are a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

What exactly does that mean? It means you’re on this Earth for a Purpose, and you have certain Gifts to share with the world, which help you fulfill your Purpose.

It’s a big responsibility, to be truthful. I know, because I am a purpose-driven entrepreneur too.

And I hang out with a lot of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and I coach purpose-driven entrepreneurs and I have taught purpose-driven entrepreneurs – both in the classroom and online.

Which all translate to this…

Here are some things I know about you, fellow purpose-driven entrepreneur:

1) You get fired up about whatever it is you are passionate about. You eat, sleep and breathe your Purpose.

2)  Your Purpose comes in many shapes and sizes. You could be a health coach, travel professional, virtual assistant, astrology expert, Reiki healer, dog trainer, landscape artist or yogi.

3) You sometimes feel like a freak. It can be lonely being so gifted.

4) Some members of your family, if not all of them, do not get you. You often get asked: Why don’t you get a real job?

5)  You are fabulous at praying, writing out your goal cards, studying the Laws of Attraction and being grateful.

6) But you suck at planning, setting goals, finishing what you’ve started, or getting the support you need.

7) You just want to help people. Yes, the money is nice, but you feel the most Abundance when you’re sharing your Gifts with someone who really needs them.

8) However, you understand you must earn money – and stop giving away your Gifts for free – or else you won’t have a business anymore. And then you won’t be able to serve anyone!

9) You feel frustrated because you have this great Gift to share with the world, but you don’t know how to let the people know you are here, ready to help them.

10) Then, there’s marketing. You know you need to market, but marketing is a challenge, partly because it can feel inauthentic, icky and out of alignment with your Soul.

11)  When you study marketing, it seems like it’s nothing but rigid and disingenuous formulas. Trying to use these formulas to share your Gifts feels like you’re smashing a square peg through a round hole.

12)  Every day, you doubt yourself as an entrepreneur. Trying to find your ideal clients is taxing. You make haphazard marketing decisions and are never sure how well they are working.

13)  Or, you forget marketing all together. You set the intention and write out your goal cards – and pray that God/Universe/Source will take care of the rest.

14)  You just wish there was a Marketing Angel to guide you – who understands that you need time to process, that you need to market from your heart (or not at all), who won’t ram marketing formulas down your throat and who gets your belief systems (and honors them too). Maybe then, your marketing efforts will be a success.

15)  Because if your business doesn’t become a success soon, you won’t be an entrepreneur any more. Something must change – and now.

Celestial One, I get it. I do.

Here’s the thing: It’s time to make a decision. It’s time to stand up for yourself, your Gifts, your Purpose and your business, and say…

“I am going to learn this marketing thing – once and for all.”

I am going to learn this marketing thing - once and for all.

I have a resource that will help you, but you must act quickly because registration closes Monday, October 31, 2016.

It’s the 21-Day Marketing Challenge. You’ve probably heard me mention it before. The 21-Day Marketing Challenge is when you pledge to implement 21 marketing tasks during any of the 30 days in November.

Here’s why the 21-Day Marketing Challenge is perfect for you:

  • It forces you to think about marketing your business every day – even if it’s just implementing one small task.
  • You don’t have to dream up what tasks to implement in November because you’ll get a comprehensive list (more than 300 tasks) that you can choose from.
  • You’ll be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will love, support and help you (I’m part of this community too – and happy to answer any questions you have).
  • You get a 30-minute private coaching call with me. We can talk about your marketing struggles and how to turn it around. When you finish our coaching call, you’ll know exactly what marketing steps you need to take. I promise!
  • It’s affordable – only $99 (the coaching call alone is worth more than that!)

I want to be a smarter marketer for my business.Here’s the beautiful part. When you look back at all you accomplished on November 30, you’ll be so proud of yourself – and you will have such a better understanding on how to market your business.

In fact, some past Challengers reported increased income, more clients and more sales prospects after completing a 21-Day Marketing Challenge. Isn’t that cool?

→You can read all about the 21-Day Marketing Challenge by clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/1QNPjaW

 So, it’s decision time: Are you taking the leap and joining November’s 21-Day Marketing Challenge?

If yes, you must sign up right now because registration ends Monday, October 31, 2016.

Please don’t wait. Please don’t talk yourself out of this. It’s time to take a stand. I support you, I love you and I can’t wait to help you.

Love always,
Jill xoxo

P.S. The world is counting on you to share your Gifts. Let me show you how through the 21-Day Marketing Challenge (it starts November1!). Are you in? Click here to learn more and sign up: http://bit.ly/1QNPjaW

2 thoughts on ““I am going to learn this marketing thing – once and for all.”

  1. Nadia

    WOW! What an offer. And you hit the nail on the head Jill. Thank you for this powerful blog post. I will spread the word for sure!!

  2. Peggy

    Wow wow wow. This will be my 3rd challenge with you and by gawd, I’m finally getting what I must do. I’m not marketing to the masses. I’m marketing to individuals. Real people. I shared my message with one person this morning. Over coffee. She may join us in class next Friday…she wants to share my writing program with her clients.

    And now my work begins!


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