I Am Scared Shitless

Toni Morrison quoteFor months now, I have been working on a workbook to sell on my website. Its working name is “Workbook for Success,” and it takes the reader through the six steps of the Your Branding Power™ personal branding process.  I also plan on adapting chapters of the workbook into an online class that would incorporate coaching calls by me. This workbook is the foundation for my coaching business model.

And I haven’t touched it in a month….

Why? Well, first, there were other projects I needed to finish for my clients. Then, I had to assist my son with his virtual math class this summer. Oh, and don’t forget my other son’s nightly football practices. And, then I had to get the boys ready for back to school. Plus, I had to keep up with my blogging and social media activity.

Would I like some cheese with that whine?

Here’s the real reason why I haven’t touched my workbook draft in four weeks: I am afraid it will fail – that no one will want to buy it, and no one will be interested in my e-course.  By leaving it undone, I don’t have to take the risk, despite knowing:

  • When I asked people if they would be interested in purchasing a personal branding workbook or e-course, they said yes
  • I have other professionals who want to partner with me for telecourses and e-courses on branding
  • My heart tells me this is my life’s purpose
  • I could earn more money from selling these services

Yes, despite all of this, I am paralyzed in fear. In fact, I am scared shitless.

Enough is enough

Last night, during a period of wakefulness, I reminded myself of one of my favorite sayings: “The biggest regrets in life are the chances you didn’t take.” I made a promise to myself that I would break through this fear and get moving. And my first step would be to write this blog post so I can articulate my fear and share it with the world. By owning my fear, it doesn’t own me. I’ve had enough of that.

So, once I upload this blog post to my website and tell the world that I am scared shitless, I am going to work on that workbook. That’s a promise. One thing I know about me is that if I publicly make myself accountable, I always come through – because the only fear bigger than failure is my fear of looking like an idiot.

Fear be damned. Off I go….

8 thoughts on “I Am Scared Shitless

  1. Harish Kumar

    Hi Jill,
    I am so happy that you have decided to move forward despite your fears and misgivings. You are not alone in this since great work is always accompanied with great excitement and great fear. I have had the exact same thing happen to my writing before where I have been too busy and too overwhelmed to proceed forward. However, when I peeled off the superficial reasons, I realized that there was a deep seated fear of rejection and failure. Now I realize that even if my venture fails, I would rather pursue it and have it fail as opposed to the other option of not doing it at all.
    Here is to your new workbook!
    best wishes,

    1. Jill Celeste Post author

      Hi, Harish: Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. You are so right about peeling away the superficial layers. Fear can be so blinding, but only if you let it control you! Best to you!

  2. Bonnie Mason

    Awesome post Jill! I know fear is why I haven’t completed my first nonfiction novel yet! Fear is such a powerful thing. But, not as powerful as you are strong! You are an inspiration and I am looking forward to watching you reach new heights!

  3. Rachel

    Thanks for sharing this Jill – I can totally relate! I birthed a product in April and it was painstaking, but I did it. Good luck and I’m sure it will be awesome!


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