Infusing Your Personality Into Your Online Marketing

Online marketing gives entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to share their personalities with a larger audience. When you share some aspects of your personal life with your online audience, it allows them to get to know you better, which leads to trust (which leads to sales).

Many entrepreneurs, though, are not sure which aspects of their personality and personal lives to show. No one wants to throw back the curtain completely on her personal life.

So, how do you balance sharing your personal interests – enough for people to get to know you – while maintaining some level of privacy?

Infusing Your Personality Into Your Online Marketing

Here are 7 ideas that you can consider to help you show your personality through your online marketing without completely sacrificing your privacy:

#1: Post personal photos

If you have a smartphone, you are one step closer to sharing the human side of your brand. Take photos, and upload to Instagram and/or Facebook to share some aspects of your personal life. The pictures do not have to be perfect, and you do not need to give away every aspect of your life. For example, if you’re an avid gardener, snap a photo of your latest planting project. Or, if you live near a pond, take a picture of the wildlife.

Finally, don’t be afraid to include yourself in your photos. People want to see you and are far less critical of your appearance than you are (in other words, your hair does not have to be perfect!). Here’s one my Facebook posts where I am sick, not wearing any make-up and definitely not looking my best. I still posted it, and my engagement on this post was very high:

Jill Celeste Facebook page

#2: Relate your personal interests to your industry in a blog post

Another great way to reveal your personal interests is to write about them, especially if you can connect your interest with your industry. For example, if you love Starbucks and you are a photographer, write a blog post about photography tips one can learn from Starbucks’ marketing. I once wrote an article connecting my favorite TV show and personal branding. Have some fun and be creative!

#3: Create Pinterest boards related to your personal interests

If you have a business Pinterest account, it does not mean you should only pin items related to your business. Branch out and think about other boards you can create to show off your personal interests. If you love to cook, create a pinboard full of your favorite recipe finds. If your favorite color is yellow, build a pinboard full of things that are yellow. The sky is the limit with Pinterest so take advantage of this easy way to show your personality.

#4: Retweet content from your favorite author, actor, TV show or celebrity

Twitter is another great social media channel for sharing your personal interests. Take time to follow famous people you admire, as well as your favorite TV shows, movies, sports teams and clubs. Then, retweet content from these Twitter accounts to show your followers about your interest. Use hashtags to extend your reach even more. Not only will you be showing your personality, you might even connect with like-minded Twitter users who share your same interests and could be curious about your services.

#5: Share funny graphics related to your interests

I love my basset hound, so sometimes I post a funny basset hound picture on my Facebook page.

Share funny graphics related to your interests

What do basset hounds have to do with marketing? Not much, but when my Facebook fans see it, fellow dog lovers emerge and comment on the post. Your interests may not involve basset hounds, but chances are a quick search through Google Images or Pinterest will help you find funny images related to your interests. People love to laugh, so be generous with the humor.

#6: Share a personal tidbit in your weekly ezine

If you issue a weekly email newsletter or ezine, take advantage and share a tidbit about your personal life. Start your enewsletter with a personal note, and interject something that’s going on in your life. I often share vacation photos, pictures from my son’s birthday party and Instagram pictures of my basset hound. Again, you do not have to tell your life story but take time to reveal an update about you. Your email subscribers will be more apt to read your introduction – and the rest of your ezine – if you reveal a little bit about yourself.

#7: Join social media groups related to your interests

A quick search through Facebook and Google Plus will show you many hobby- or interest-related groups you can join. Even though it’s not a professional networking group, you are still networking! Lead with your interest and make your profession secondary. As you build relationships with other group members, they will naturally be curious about “what you do.” Some of these relationships could grow into business-related ones.

When you think of creative ways to share your personal interests online, you are opening doors to showing the human side of your brand. Don’t shy away from revealing a little bit about yourself. As people get to know you – and see that you are multi-faceted – they will want to build a relationship with you. And you never know how that relationship could blossom into a new client for your business.

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12 thoughts on “Infusing Your Personality Into Your Online Marketing

  1. Peggy

    I discovered that without me showing up as me in my writing or marketing or online presence, I’m just boring 😉 People get to see me by the images I use, the quotes I quote, the places I frequent, and the beer I drink.

  2. Rachel

    Excellent post! I am doing that to some extent but you have me a few additional ideas, can’t wait to try them.

  3. Tae

    Jill, Since I just got my site up & running, this is very timely for me. While very friendly & gregarious, I have always been private when it comes to social media. I guess I’m going to need to start opening up in that regard. Thanks for the tips! Tae

  4. Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)

    Jill, right on. When we do this, the people we are meant to serve feel us, and feel safe, and feel like they want to know more, and eventually become our fans, subscribers, and clients.

    Before I parted the curtains I had a business full of clients I never really felt “right” with. Now that I’m wildly transparent, I have a practice filled with beautiful women — those who I know I’m meant to serve. Love that!

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