Law of Attraction Tricks To Help You Get More Clients

Law of Attraction Tricks To Help You Get More Clients by Jill CelesteIn this week’s marketing strategy, I am coming out of my “spiritual closet” and sharing with you three Law of Attraction tricks to help you get more clients.

Law of Attraction is a spiritual philosophy based on the principle that “like attracts like.” For example, if you want more abundance, you have to feel abundant already.

No matter what spiritual or religious beliefs you hold, these Law of Attraction tricks will help you – because they are not based on a deity or religious text. They are based on emotions.

I will use “The Universe” to describe the universal life energy – something you may refer to as God, Source, Goddess, or other terms. Please substitute the appropriate term as you read.

I hope you’ll implement each of these “tricks” and watch as more wonderful clients come your way!



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The Universe doesn't like emptiness.

If you want more clients, be grateful for the ones you already have. - Jill Celeste

Get excited about the clients coming your way. - Jill Celeste

Relish the marketing process. - Jill Celeste


I love to study the Law of Attraction because it aligns with my Lightworker spirit.

I also love how I am “in charge” with the Law of Attraction – I just need to match the emotional frequency of what I want with how I am feeling now. Admittedly, it can be hard on days, but overall, I feel much happier when I can check (and improve) my emotions.

Law of Attraction can be applied to marketing too. Specifically, I have outlined three Law of Attraction tricks you can implement to help you get more clients. Let’s dive in!

Law of Attraction Trick #1: Make room for new clients

The Universe doesn’t like emptiness. It will always fill holes in your life, especially when you’ve set the intention that you want something.

Use this to your advantage by creating room for more clients. Here are some ideas:

  • Designate folders for your new clients: I learned this trick from my mentor, and I love it! Using either paper folders or online folders, designate one for each new client you want. For example, if you want five new clients right away, take a folder and write “New Client #1” on it (and so on). Because the folders are empty, The Universe will fill them.
  • Reserve time on your calendar for your new clients: Block time on your calendar for future appointments with your clients. If you’re doing group coaching calls, for example, block off each coaching session on your calendar, even if no one has signed up for the program yet. And don’t worry if the times change in the future. Right now, you’re just creating the “time vessel” in which to fill with clients.
  • Make out envelopes and cards: If you send thank-you notes or welcome letters to new clients, this is the perfect strategy for you. Let’s say you want to attract 10 new clients to your program. Pull out 10 envelopes, and add stamps and your return address. You can even add a quick greeting inside the envelope. For example, when I send out a welcome note to a new Celestial Circle member, I pre-inscribe “Welcome to The Celestial Circle” on the inside of the card.

Law of Attraction Trick #2: Appreciate your current clients

Remember, Law of Attraction is about emotions. Gratitude is one of the highest emotions you can have, so if you want more clients, be grateful for the ones you already have.

Think of ways you can love up and show appreciation to your existing clients. Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Mail a letter or greeting card
  • Send a small gift
  • Text them an encouraging message
  • Host a raffle in your Facebook Group
  • Offer a bonus coaching call (individual or group)

Constantly showing gratitude and appreciation to your existing clients will always bring you new clients. Use a calendar to help you map out gratitude tasks, if necessary, so you can systematize your efforts.

Law of Attraction Trick #3: Be excited about the clients coming your way

Here’s where entrepreneurs can get hung up in their client attraction process. They set the intention, pray and meditate about their intention, implement some steps – but it’s all without much emotion (or even, low-vibration emotion). And then they wonder why their marketing didn’t work.

There was no excitement!

When you are marketing, I want you to remember two things:

  • Get excited about the clients coming your way. Visualize each person joining your program. Dwell on the emotion you’ll feel as each person signs up. Wouldn’t you be excited, overjoyed, and relieved? YES! Show those emotions now.
  • Relish the marketing process. Marketing is a divine, spiritual process where you are sharing your Gifts so that your ideal clients can find you. It’s meant to be an enjoyable process, not one of drudgery. Implement marketing tactics that make you excited, and if needed, outsource the ones you don’t like. Having a positive marketing mindset is critical to your client attraction success!

If you are not feeling excited about the client attraction process, get in the Vortex (your happy spot) and work through until you are excited. Otherwise, your marketing won’t work. It’s really as simple as that.

Now that you’ve learned more about these three Law of Attraction tricks to help you get more clients, I want you to implement each one. Pay attention to your emotions, and remember, you want to be in the most positive mindset possible. Think joy, happiness, gratitude, and excitement. You can do this!

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