Less Brain Marketing, More Heart Marketing

Lightworkers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs, learn more about marketing from your heart (and less from your brain).Your marketing brain is lovely. Logical. Analytical. And a bit bossy.

Your marketing heart is lovely too. Warm. Genuine. Whispering.

Lightworkers and other purpose-driven entrepreneurs: I want you to listen to your Marketing Heart more.

It’s truly where the magic happens.

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You need to market more from your heart and less from your brain. - Jill Celeste

Marketing is an authentic expression of your gifts so that your ideal clients can find you. - Jill Celeste


Attention Lightworkers and entrepreneurs who are mission-based, purpose-driven and heart-centered:

You need to market more from your heart and less from your brain.

Now, I am not telling you to not from your brain. Of course, we need our brain to market effectively. That’s how we analyze our results and determine our ROI. It’s beautifully rational and logical and analytical. Our marketing brain is super important.

The thing is: Your marketing brain can be noisy and a bit of a bully. It likes to have your ear. And it can drown out what your marketing heart is trying to tell you.

Your marketing heart beats steadily, filling your marketing with authenticity and love. It doesn’t worry about marketing formulas. It doesn’t care about catchy headlines or how many clicks something got. Your marketing heart wants you to share your message and purpose. Your marketing heart wants you to just get out there – imperfectly – and let people know you are here to help.

Your marketing heart wants to help you write your blog posts, make your videos, create a Facebook ad, write an email, and craft your elevator speech. It wants to guide your words so that each one is so filled with your love that your ideal client cannot help but pay attention. Your marketing heart is there, always, just waiting for you to listen.

So, when it’s time to write, design, create or craft something for your marketing, push past the brain chatter and hone in on what your heart is saying. To hear your marketing heart, you may need to step away from your computer, and meditate, journal or walk around the block. Consult your favorite Oracle deck or watch an inspirational Abraham-Hicks video. Whatever it takes to get within your marketing heart (and out of your marketing brain).

Entrepreneurs get so concerned with the “how” of marketing – what headlines to write, what graphics to include, what day to send something – that we overlook why we’re marketing in the first place. Marketing is an authentic expression of your Gifts so that your ideal clients – the people you are meant to serve – can find you.

Sure, a nice headline helps, as does a catchy subject line, but it’s all for naught if your marketing is not an authentic expression of you. To get to your authentic expression, you must listen to your marketing heart.

Put your marketing heart in the driver’s seat at all times. That’s when you’ll see the marketing results you’re looking for.


Jill CelesteHi, I’m Jill Celeste. I teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs (just like you) everything you need to know about marketing so you can become the Director of Marketing for your business.

Because when you put your Director of Marketing hat squarely on your head, marketing is your number one priority (which will result in more clients!).

When I am not teaching about marketing, you’ll find me hanging out with my husband or my teenage boys, or taking a nap with my basset hound, Emma. I also like to play with my two guinea pigs and feed the backyard ducks (much to my neighbor’s chagrin).

Want to learn more about marketing? I invite you to get my book for free – just head over to www.ThatFirstClient.com. And don’t let the title fool you; it will help you get your first – or next – client. I am honored to help you! ♥

11 thoughts on “Less Brain Marketing, More Heart Marketing

  1. Reba Linker

    This is a wonderful reminder for me, Jill, to keep my heart open and listen to it as I share about my business. My business – healing & creating an online healing community – is all heart, so it makes sense to lead with that in attracting the people my business serves. Many blessings for providing and heart-fully promoting a heart-centered alternative to the usual marketing tactics!

  2. Debra Reble

    Thank you for this post Jill. Truly reinforced the marketing strategies I’ve implemented over the years and who I choose to work with in that endeavor. It’s all about heart to heart connections for me and real collaboration so all are supported and clients are served. for me it’s the only way to be authentic is to come from your heart! xo

  3. Kelley Grimes

    I love this beautiful reminder, “Your marketing heart beats steadily, filling your marketing with authenticity and love.” Thank you Jill for your unique perspective which always encourages us to be authentic and heart connected in our marketing and business!

  4. Rachel

    Amen sister! I love how you combine the rational and the heart felt, showing us that they don’t have to work in opposition but actually be intertwined into a powerful and effective way to bring our gifts into the world.

  5. krystal

    Hi Jill! Great post. I like to think of marketing as creating! And true creation comes from the heart (which is the mind in Chinese Medicine). When our heart and soul are in the driver’s seat of creation we are unstoppable and they same is certainly true for the creation of marketing!! Love your words!

  6. Kara-Hope Clark

    Jill, I love your energy and your naming of our “marketing brain and marketing heart.” It really makes so much sense to come from our “marketing heart” since that is where our true or divine selves will shine through! I will check out your other offerings. Thank you for sharing! <3


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