Market With Love

While the words below are mine, I can’t take credit for this idea. It’s something I learned from my business mentor, Fabienne Fredrickson. It’s so bloody brilliant, though, that I had to share it with you. I hope it serves you like it has served me.

Market With Love

The most successful type of marketing, in my opinion, is heart-centered, love-filled marketing.

It may sound counterintuitive – and maybe even revolutionary – but, yes, you want to market with love. You want your ideal clients to read your marketing copy, or watch your videos, or learn from your webinar – and feel the love emanating from you.

In other words, everything you create for your marketing is really a love letter to your ideal client.

Let me show you what I mean. Please watch this 2:42 commercial:

Perhaps you’ve seen this commercial before. I first saw it during the Superbowl, and I remember feeling so moved. I am not a farmer, but it stirred my non-farmer heart in such a way that I was proud to own a Dodge vehicle.

If it made me – a marketing coach – feel this way, imagine how farmers felt after seeing this commercial.

They probably felt like Dodge knew exactly what it was like to be a farmer – the ups and downs, the work, the toil, the love, the heartbreak, the family, the commitment. Farmers could feel, from this one commercial, the admiration and appreciation for what they do.

Even more beautiful, this commercial wasn’t a blatant inventory of Dodge truck features. Hell, most viewers (including me) didn’t know it was a Dodge commercial until the very end.

Dodge got it right.

It’s about your tribe, your community and your target audience. It’s always about them (and it’s never about you).

Need more inspiration? Here’s another Love Letter example:

Expecting another child while caring for your first can bring out anxieties in any family. Publix knows this about their top demographic, and this one-minute commercial is a love letter to pregnant moms everywhere, telling them “It will be okay. It will work out. You’ll see.”

How could you not feel the love? I guarantee every mom who saw this commercial did. They may have teared up, choked up or even sobbed a little. I bet they loved Publix even more after seeing this commercial.

Do you see how these marketing love letters are magical?

You may be thinking: But Dodge and Publix are huge brands with even bigger marketing budgets. I can’t re-create this!

Trust me: The actors and videography are not what make these love letters.

It’s the love – the love for your tribe, the love for what they do and the love for how you help them. That’s what makes these commercials love letters.

And this love? You can definitely re-create it. No slick script or dramatic camera angle can ever replace love-filled marketing.

You just need to market with love.

Speak from your heart. And market with love.So, before you write that next email blast, or create that next webinar, or update that outdated webpage, remember this:

♥ Make it a love letter.

♥ Speak from your heart.

♥ Market with love.

Your ideal clients will flock to you. Your business will grow.

And you’ll feel so much better about how you are marketing your gifts to the world.

15 thoughts on “Market With Love

  1. Cindy

    Jill, I absolutely LOVE this post. It tugged at the heart strings and the daughter has me in tears – tears welled up from a mother’s heart. I am grateful. Moving forward, I will write more love letters.

    Many blessings to you and all you serve.

  2. Suzie Cheel

    Love this Jill and I needed to read this very timely, I will write my next ezine and sales letter with much moreluv. great video and message. i will make it joyful for me, not a rask thank you Love Suzie xxoo

  3. Peggy

    This is why I love you. You told me to watch the dodge commercial about farmers. I cried. And then the Publix commercial? Holy Moly pass the tissues. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Thank you <3

  4. Charisse

    Thank you for my morning cry! This message is so beautiful, and something that I always try to do with my own marketing for Claim Your Feminine (Fabienne also being my biz mentor – go CABbies! Lol)… But I haven’t said this explicitly with my copywriting clients – this post has been a powerful reminder to! Thank you!

  5. Tae

    I love the commercials that tug at our heart! These companies got it right. And YOU always connect with authenticity from your heart as well! xo

  6. Lisa Manyon


    We are on the same page. Marketing with LOVE is the only way to go.

    That’s why I help people focus on PASSION points instead of pain points.

    Write on!~


  7. Andrea

    Yes… when we love our reader (or any other ideal customer) it comes through. (And we don’t spam, push, pull, manipulate….) Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3


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