The Marketing Plan Low Down

On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, I hosted another “Imperfect Training Series” class. This one was called “The Marketing Plan Low Down.”

The Marketing Plan Low Down

Here’s what I covered during this one-hour class:

  • Why you need a marketing plan
  • How to make your marketing plan your own
  • Sections you can include in your marketing plan
  • How the 21-Day Marketing Challenge can help you get your marketing plan done

Resources mentioning during class:

  • That First Client: My Amazon bestselling book that will help you identify your ideal client and select client attraction marketing tactics. Available on, or you can get a free e-copy of my book though
  • 21-Day Marketing Challenge: My most popular marketing program where you pledge to complete 21 tasks during the Challenge month. You’ll get a HUGE marketing task list when you sign up (300+ ideas), and there’s a whole section just for writing marketing plans. This is a great way to stay accountable to what you’ve learned during this class. Learn more about the 21-Day Marketing Challenge.

Watch the Facebook Live replay now:

You can watch it below, or head over to my Facebook page to watch it.

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