How To Make Time For Marketing Every Day

How To Make Time for Marketing Every Day by Jill CelesteI hear it all the time: “Jill, I don’t have time for marketing.”

My usual response is, “What’s stopping you from marketing?” – but in my head, I am saying, “Hogwash!”

(Sorry, just keeping it real!)

Every entrepreneur has time for marketing. You may have to make the time, but the time exists.

Finding the time and prioritizing your marketing tasks can be challenging when you’re a solopreneur. I am a solopreneur too, and there are days when I feel like a chicken with her head cut off.

I’ve learned some tricks, though, and that’s what I want to share with you in this blog post.

Let’s take a look at why it’s important to market every day, how to pick the tasks to work on, how to get organized, and how to time block for maximum efficiency. Be sure to download the marketing planner PDF too (it will help you so much!). Are you ready?

Download the Daily Marketing Action List and Planner (free PDF) by Jill Celeste



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Making the to-do list is half the job. You need to slate time on your calendar to complete each item. - Jill Celeste


You are the Director of Marketing for your business, which means:

  • Marketing is an essential task because you know it’s how you get clients.
  • You understand that you must make time for marketing – above everything else except client work.
  • You know that if you don’t market, you’ll be out of business.

And one more thing…

Until you’re a full capacity in your business, you should be marketing four hours a day.

Yes, four hours a day. Does that seem like a lot of time? It is, because marketing is the most important thing you can do as you build your business.

So, let’s get to the nuts and bolts: How do you find time every day to market your business?

#1: Make marketing a priority (end of story!)

I once coached a client who told me she didn’t have time for marketing. When I asked her what she was doing with her time, she said she had other tasks to do, such as emptying the wastebasket.

Um, I get that the trash needs to go out, but how is trash removal more important than marketing?

As with everything, it’s a mindset issue. If you don’t have time for marketing at this stage of your business (and prioritizing the trash bin), it’s because you need a Director of Marketing mindset.

A Director of Marketing mindset means you make marketing a priority! Period! End of story!

If you are still resisting, tell your Ego to hush and remember: You market your business to find clients. Without marketing, you won’t have clients.

#2: Pick marketing tasks that will generate cash and clients

Another obstacle many entrepreneurs must overcome is feeling like they have to implement hundreds of marketing tasks.

Instead, I want you to only implement marketing tasks that will help you generate revenue.

Additionally, you’ll see better results if you only implement 2-3 marketing activities to help you achieve your income or client goals. Anything more results in spreading yourself too thin.

Less is often more, especially with the number of marketing tactics to implement. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, as a solopreneur, you only have so many hours in a day. Be intentional with your time, okay?

#3: Get your marketing tasks organized

Disorganized marketing plagues most solopreneurs. Half-started marketing tasks, incomplete marketing plans, and dormant social media sites are all symptoms of marketing chaos. Furthermore, you may not have a marketing plan and calendar to help guide your daily tasks.

To help you, I have two free resources:

Download the Daily Marketing Action List and Planner (free PDF) by Jill Celeste

#4: Block time for your marketing tasks

Successful entrepreneurs do two things: They make their to-do list, and then they block specific time periods on their calendar to complete each item on their list.

You see, making the to-do list is half the job. You need to slate time to complete each item. When you do this, you’ll magically find time for marketing. It’s such a great feeling!

Remember my free Daily Marketing Action List and Planner? Not only will it help you decide what marketing tasks to work on, it gives you space to plan when you’ll complete your tasks. Make sure to download it, okay?

Now that you know these four tips, you are on your way to finding and making time for marketing – every day. Be sure to download all of the resources listed in this blog post to help you.

And if you ever need extra accountability, be sure to check out The Celestial Circle. Between the coaching calls, Facebook Group, and Study Hall, you’ll find tons of marketing accountability, support and help. I am here for you and ready to help!


Jill CelesteHi, I’m Jill Celeste. I teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs (just like you) everything you need to know about marketing so you can become the Director of Marketing for your business.

Because when you put your Director of Marketing hat squarely on your head, marketing is your number one priority (which will result in more clients!).

When I am not teaching about marketing, you’ll find me hanging out with my husband or my teenage boys, or taking a nap with my basset hound, Emma. I also like to play with my two guinea pigs and feed the backyard ducks (much to my neighbor’s chagrin).

Want to learn more about marketing? I invite you to get my book for free – just head over to And don’t let the title fool you; it will help you get your first – or next – client. I am honored to help you! ♥

6 thoughts on “How To Make Time For Marketing Every Day

  1. Deb Bryan

    Hi, Jill. Thank you!!
    Funny, when I read the part about the time to spend each day, I said “no way!” out loud. Then moments later realized I’ve been doing this (possibly more time than you recommended), however, I didn’t really have a ‘plan’ and have felt like I’m spinning my wheels.

    Your downloadable marketing planner is exactly what I need.

  2. Barb Parcells

    Four hours a day at first feels like a “real” job which I retired from 5 years ago. Then I figured that if I’m going to spend 4 hours a day writing, I’d better start finding some time to get my work seen! Thanks.

  3. CK Kochis

    After taking time away from my business to heal my heart, I’m getting back into the swing of entrepreneurship. Your article, as always, has perfect timing. I will be implementing your insights and focusing on blocking time for my tasks. Thanks, Jill!

  4. Zeenat Merchant Syal

    I love your tips here Jill. Saw your full video….wow! I needed to hear that…4 hours jeez …
    Thankfully you simplified it so well after 😉
    xoxo, Z~
    p.s. downloading your calendar now!! thank you SO much.


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