My Love Letter To You

Dear Entrepreneur,

I have been thinking about you…

I know you pour your heart and soul into your business. You have such a tremendous gift to share with the world. Thank you for being you.

Despite your passion and purpose, though, your business isn’t growing.

In fact, when you look back at 2015, you wonder: Did I make the best marketing decisions?  

Jill Celeste reflecting on 2015 marketing

When you reflect on this year’s marketing, you can see it was plagued with distractions – and you made so many haphazard marketing decisions that didn’t deliver the results you hoped for.

Honestly, you just wish you knew exactly what to implement because you’re so sick and tired of guessing. (Because the “guessing” isn’t getting you anywhere!)

It really boils down to this: 2016 has to be a better year for your business.

 If you could make a 2016 Marketing Wish List, I bet it would include the following:

  • Feeling assured that you’ve figured out exactly how to best market your business
  • Knowing what marketing tactics to implement to grow your business
  • Having a plan that guides your marketing for the whole year (so you don’t get distracted)
  • Being a confident, knowledgeable Director of Marketing for your business
  • Knowing that you have demystified marketing – finally – and you don’t have to guess at it anymore

If you could get all of these things, your 2016 would be awesome!

Love Letter May I give you a dose of love? 

This is not your fault. You have never been taught how to market your business. You never received instruction on how to write a marketing plan, or how to pick the right marketing tactics, or how to implement marketing tactics that really work.

But there’s good news: You can have everything on your 2016 Marketing Wish List! Marketing is a teachable skill. In fact, you can learn marketing right now!

How? By starting with a marketing plan. Mastering how to write your marketing plan is one of the easiest ways to learn how to market your business.


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