Navigate Twitter With This Twitter Glossary

Do you use Twitter? If you’re not using Twitter for personal branding, you may be missing out on making valuable connections with potential clients or employers.

Twitter is a microblogging, social networking site where users send messages (called “tweets”) of 140 characters or less. More than 200 million people actively use Twitter around the world, making it the second largest social network (behind Facebook).

Many people find Twitter confusing, and it’s usually because they do not understand Twitter jargon. That’s why I have put together this glossary of commonly used Twitter terms for your reference.  Once you master Twitter jargon, using Twitter becomes much easier!

Your Twitter Glossary: A Guide To Twitter Jargon

Your Guide To Twitter Jargon | Twiiter Glossary

>>>Download the printable version of the Twitter glossary.

^ – Signifies a signed tweet, and the Twitter users’ initials follow this symbol. Typically used by companies with more than one person managing their Twitter account.

Autoresponder – an automatic response system used by Twitter users to send messages, usually to say thank you for following them

Direct message (DM) – When someone sends you a private message through Twitter

Favorite – when you mark a tweet as a favorite (by clicking the yellow star next to the tweet) so you can refer to it later

Follow – when you connect with another Twitter user by subscribing to their tweets

Follower – a Twitter user who is following your Twitter account

Following – who you are following in Twitter

Hashtag – word or phrase preceded by the hash mark (#) to identify a keyword or area of interest to Twitter user (#vacation, #bestdayever)

Lists – a curated group of Twitter users that you create by topic or interest

Modified Tweet (MT) – when someone modifies your tweet and sends it to their Twitter followers

Mention – when someone “mentions” your Twitter handle in a tweet

Promoted Tweet – when a business has paid Twitter to promote a specific tweet to other Twitter users

Spammer – someone who is using Twitter for illegal or unethical purposes

Reply – a response to someone’s tweet that will appear in his feed; always begins with @username

Retweet (RT) – when someone is sending your tweet verbatim to their Twitter followers

Tweet – a public Twitter message; 140 characters or less

Twitter handle – your Twitter username, always preceded by the “@” sign (@cocacola)

Unfollow – when you stop following someone on Twitter

URL shortener – a service that shortens a long URL into less characters (,

Via – sometimes used in place of RT in a tweet to signify who originally tweeted the message. Also used to acknowledge the author of the blog post or article being tweeted (Great article via @TB_Times)

When you know the difference between a reply and a retweet, or follower and following, mastering Twitter becomes a lot easier! Remember, you are not in a race to learn Twitter. Take it slowly, and over time, you’ll be a Twitter master.

This article was adapted from articles originally published in Inside Trinity, a Hibu publication. Reprinted with permission.

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