What Is Your Perfect Day?

Have you ever envisioned what your perfect day would look like?


It’s not something I had ever given a lot of thought to, until I was asked to visualize it as part of a mindset exercise. I turned on some relaxing music, got out my favorite pen and journal, and started to think about “Jill’s Perfect Day.”

As soon as my pen hit the paper, my perfect day flowed from me. I didn’t let fear, or outrageous ideas, or pride get in my way. I wrote about the type of bed I want to have, a new computer, exercising, eating healthy, journaling and serving my clients in the best way possible. My pen moved effortlessly as these thoughts ran through me. I smiled the entire time.

As I looked back over my perfect day, I was struck by how many things I listed that I could be doing right now (without needed additional money, space or resources), such as:

  • Exercising
  • Writing a to-do list every morning
  • Getting rid of my financial scarcity issues
  • Taking a lunch break away from my desk
  • Preparing healthy dinners
  • Serving my clients in the best ways possible
  • Journaling and meditating every evening

Really? Why am I waiting until I get rich to do these things?

I also discovered these other interesting takeaways:

  • I need a different (physical) work environment
  • I need to find resources to help with some of my family members
  • I want to open an online academy for entrepreneurs
  • I want to host VIP sessions in my home

This exercise was so helpful for me that I thought I would challenge you to do the same. Take time today and write down what your perfect day looks like. If writing is not your thing, use photos or create a slide deck. Then, make a commitment to read your perfect day summary every day to get it planted firmly in your mind (and don’t hesitate to revise it because we are constantly evolving!).

Does this sound a little too “woo” for you? That’s okay – make it work for your own philosophy and comfort level. Here’s the thing: I believe that to progress as an entrepreneur, you need the best mindset. Exercises such as this one help me, and I hope it helps you too. Please let me know in the comments below what you discovered when you did this exercise!

Photo courtesy of Russell Sekeet


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