Perfectionism Is Killing Your Business

Are you a perfectionist? I know most entrepreneurs are (including me!). I am often paralyzed by my perfectionist streak, and I am here to tell you: My perfectionism prevents me from growing an an entrepreneur.

Perfectionism Is Killing Your Business by Jill Celeste

In this video, you will learn the following:

  • My personal struggles with perfectionism (there’s a lesson here!)
  • The two signs the Universe gave me to nudge me along
  • How this relates to marketing your business
  • A pep talk on why you need to overcome your perfectionism and move forward, imperfectly


I mention the following resources in this video:

  • Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron


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Take imperfect action. You can change it later.

You can hide behind your perfection and not get things done, or you can say “this is good enough,” and release it to the world.

Move forward, imperfectly. Jill Celeste,


Hi, everyone. It’s Jill Celeste from the Celestial Marketing Academy where I teach entrepreneurs all that they need to know about marketing so they can become the director of marketing for their business.

I have a perfectionist streak a mile way. It’s gotten better, but I am still stifled by it.

I recently started writing my second book. And I should be a lot further along in writing it, but perfectionism is getting in my way.

In my case, I am waiting for the “perfect” time of day to write. I have made a pledge to work an hour on my book a day, and I couldn’t find the perfect hour. So I would never write. Then, I reduced my commitment to 15 minutes a day. It’s better, but perfection still wants to put its stronghold on me.

I am a spiritual person, and I believe in signs and synchronicity.

And I just got two huge signs that I wanted to share with you.

#1: The Perfectionism Card

The first thing I do is I have some fun with Doreen Virtue. I use her Archangel Gabriel oracle cards. These are fun. You don’t have to believe in everything if you don’t want to, but I think they’re very inspirational. I ask the question, “Will I ever finish my book?” Then I pulled three cards.

Now the card that I pulled that’s in the middle indicates to me what I need to do now to answer my question. The card I pulled that was number two card was perfectionism. Let me read to you a little bit about what that means for me.

Perfectionism is defined as, “You are receiving this card because of a tendency that could block your creative flow. Your spiritual mind is one with the mind of the infinitely creative Creator. Therefore, your inspired creativity is divinely perfect, in spiritual truth.

An earthly truth is that all physical forms of creativity could be improved; however, there comes a time when you must release your creation out into the world for the others to enjoy. Any fears you have about perceived imperfections will only attract critics as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Perfectionism can also lead to procrastination, as you wait for the perfect moment to begin your creative work. You may be delaying until more time, inspiration, confidence, or other conditions arise. The truth is that now is the perfect time for you to begin, even if you’re just taking small daily steps toward the fruition of your dream.”

That was my sign right there. It just confirms that I need to let go of perfectionism and that when I’m doing 15 minutes a day is effective. Cool.

#2: Week 7 of The Artist’s Way

The second thing that I do is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. If you’re not familiar with this book, it allows creative people to unblock, to get more projects going.

I’m in week 7, which is about recovering a sense of connection. I’m not even one page into my reading and, lo and behold, what do I see again? A whole section on perfectionism. Okay, I’m getting it. Let me just read to you a few highlighted sentences that really resonated with me.

“Perfectionism is the refusal to let yourself move ahead. It is a loop – an obsessive, debilitating closed system that causes you to get stuck in the details of what you are writing or painting or making and to lose sight of the whole.”

These sentences really resonate with me: “For the perfectionist, there are no first drafts, rough sketches, warm up exercises. Every draft is meant to be final, perfect, set in stone. Midway through a project, the perfectionist decides to read it all over again, outline it, and see where it’s going.”

Here’s the takeaway: “At a certain point, you have to let go and call it done. This is a normal part of creativity – letting go. We always do the best that we can by the light we have to see by.”

So, why am I sharing this with you?

The lessons about perfectionism are very relevant as you think about marketing your business. I have seen time and time again how entrepreneurs are absolutely paralyzed by perfectionism.

Here’s how it can look for a perfection-paralyzed entrepreneur:

  • Never shooting a video because you won’t look perfect, or it won’t be filmed perfectly
  • Never start teaching a class because you don’t look perfect or are not a perfect public speaker
  • Never attend a networking meeting because your elevator speech is not perfect
  • Never ordering a box of business cards because the design isn’t perfect
  • Never launching a campaign because the emails in the autoresponder are not perfect
  • Or like me, never finishing a book because I am too busy perfecting the words and concepts

I am about to drop a huge bomb on you:

It’s never perfect. Nothing is!

So, you can hide behind your perfection and not get things done, or you can say “this is good enough,” and release it to the world.

Guess which way gets you in front of your ideal clients? Gets you more income? Gets you the results you are looking for?

The “good enough” way, every time.

Just as I was open to accepting signs to let go of my perfectionism, this is a sign for you. Let go of your perfectionism. Recognize that part of marketing your business is the “letting it go” part. It’s never perfect. And it never will be.

I am taking a stand for you. Please don’t let perfectionism kill your business. Take a leap of faith and make that video, or go to that networking meeting. Move forward, imperfectly.

In the comments below, tell me one thing you have been sitting on because of perfectionism, and what first step you will take to “let it go.” I can’t wait to read your comments!

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  1. Tae Lynne

    Oh boy, you hit the nail on the head for me on so many counts! I’m the same with “finding the perfect time” to write. Or rewriting it over & over instead of just getting it all down and then going back to edit. Thanks for sharing your tips and for admitting you struggle with the perfectionism bug too!


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