Your Personal Branding Media Kit

As you grow your personal brand, you may be called upon by a reporter, blogger or radio host to be interviewed about your area of expertise. Or, you may want to follow a public relations tactic to publicize your latest service or product. For these reasons, it is a good idea to put together a media kit (sometimes called a press kit).


You may be thinking that media kits are only for the “big brands,” but that is not the case. Anyone with expertise to share can benefit from having a media kit created. Media kits do not have to be complicated or “slick,” but you do want to work on them before you are contacted for an interview. It’s something to put together now for future opportunities.

What should go in your media kit? Here are five elements to consider:

#1: Your biography with professional photos

Your biography is similar to your resume – just in paragraph format. You will want to touch on your experience, company information, educational and employment history and your areas of expertise. Most biographies end with a short paragraph with your personal information (e.g. your marital status, number of children, where you live), but only include this if you think it is relevant to your industry. Make sure to include at least one professional photo. Ideally, find at least two photos – a vertical and horizontal shot – to give your contact multiple photos to choose from.

Also, depending on your industry and profession, you may want to include your CV or resume. This should be in addition to your biography.

#2: Information about your company

Think of this as your company’s resume. Here, you will want to include a brief history about your company, major awards and testimonials. Include any relevant logos and graphics with your company information sheet.

#3: Information about your product or service

This element is especially important if you are pitching your products/services to the media. You will want to write a full summary of your offerings. Make sure to write how it benefits your clients, any testimonials you may have and fact sheets. If you have photos about your product, make sure to put them in as well.

#4: Press releases

If you have written a press release about your product or service, be sure to include a copy in your media kit if you are pitching it to the media.

You should also include a few prior press releases in your media kit so that a reporter can learn more about your company and expertise. Pick recent press releases, but make sure they spotlight your personal brand.

#5: A list of questions

To help guide the reporter or interviewer, prepare a list of questions and answers. Some members of the media will use your questions in the interview. This is your opportunity to direct your interviewer to communicate the content you want highlighted. Anytime you can make the reporter’s job easier is a big win for you.

A media kit can take some time to put together, which is why it is important to begin creating it before you need it. Often reporters are on a deadline, and you’ll be forced to put together something at the last minute (and it probably won’t be the best representation of you). Additionally, a media kit is a powerful promotion tool for when you want to be proactive about publicizing your expertise, company or products. Whatever your objective, always remember that your media kit should help the reporters – make it as easy as possible for them. This will help ensure you get great media coverage, and often reporters will call on you in the future because you were a valuable, easy-to-work-with source for them.

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    All this is new to me. I will be launching my first business in November here in SC. I recently viewed your UTUBE about usiness cards I found helpful to knowing what to place on them, thank you. Also, viewing your site I am so excited to what is available for me to share with the women that I am meeting who are and have been in their business for sometime. You mentioned gifts on your e address, not quite sure how to do that. Still learning the computer.


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