Pray. But also plan.

What do you need to have a successful 2016?

You may answer (with a twinkle in your eye):

  • A winning lotto ticket
  • An unexpected inheritance
  • Being interviewed by Oprah
  • A HUGE book deal

LOL! Wouldn’t any of these be fantastic?

Here’s the reality, though:

You can click your heels…

You can pray…

You can write out your goal cards…

You can even hope for lotto tickets and Oprah and book deals – but you and I both know there’s more to being a successful entrepreneur than this.

Yes, pray. But also PLAN.

Pray but also plan

Plan for your success, plan for how to make a profit, plan on how you’ll reach your ideal clients, plan on what you’ll say to your peeps.

So many entrepreneurs are excellent at wishing but suck at planning. And that’s why they stay stuck in their businesses.

I do not want you to be stuck anymore!

And that’s why I am taking this stand for you:  

To get the success you yearn for, you need to PLAN FOR IT.



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