Here’s a list of my current programs. Please click through to learn more about each one:

♥ Celestial Marketing Academy 

The Celestial Marketing Academy is my answer to the struggle many entrepreneurs face: having a magnificent gift to share with the world but not knowing how to share it. So many purpose-driven entrepreneurs have the training and certifications in their crafts, but they have not been taught the appropriate marketing fundamentals to grow their business. That’s where the Celestial Marketing Academy comes in.

Click here to learn more about the Celestial Marketing Academy.

♥ Private Coaching Programs

Red Carpet Package

The Red Carpet Package is your all access pass to me. With this yearlong program, you will speak to me twice a month on the phone, have unlimited email access, get access to the Celestial Marketing Academy and the Advanced Marketing Circle, and the opportunity for me to review all of your marketing materials. Click here to learn more about the Red Carpet Package.

Academy + Coaching Package

Need 1:1 coaching? Be sure to check out the Academy + Coaching Package, where you will get one 30-minute coaching call a month, along with access to the Celestial Marketing Academy. Click here to learn more about the Academy + Coaching Package.

Maintenance Package

If you are a past or current client. you may be interested in my Maintenance Package. With this package, you get one 30-minute coaching call a month, as well as email support. You must be a former Celestial Marketing Academy student, private coaching client, 21-Day Marketing Challenger, or participant in the Advanced Marketing Circle, to be eligible for the Maintenance Program. Please click here to learn more about the Maintenance Program.

Need more information?

If you’re still unsure about which program would work best for you, let’s chat! I can talk you through the benefits of each program, and together, we’ll find the best solution for you. Click here to schedule a no-obligation, free Get-Acquainted call.

Also, check out my Testimonials page to see how my programs have helped other purpose-driven entrepreneurs learn how to be the Directors of Marketing for their businesses (resulting in more clients, more income and more happiness!).