I am so proud of you. You pour your heart and soul into your business. You have such a magnificent gift to share with the world. You are fulfilling your Divine destiny, and your life’s purpose is there for the world to see.

But that’s the rub – it’s there for the world to see it, but the world isn’t seeing it.

Why? Because you’re struggling with your marketing.

This is not your fault. You’re an expert in your field, and you have the certifications, diplomas and life experiences to show for it. Despite all this wonderful training, though, you haven’t learned this: How to effectively market your business.

The good news is that marketing is a learnable skill. Anyone can learn it. And once you learn it, it stays with you for the rest of your life.

I know you can do this: You can learn marketing.

I would like to share a resource that will help you learn marketing – once and for all.

Introducing The Celestial Marketing Academy

Celestial Marketing Academy
The Celestial Marketing Academy is an online marketing school specially designed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, Energyworkers, creative entrepreneurs and soulful authors with the following “Marketing Wish List:”

  • I want to feel assured that I have figured out exactly how to best market my business
  • I want to know what marketing tactics to implement to grow my business
  • I need a plan that guides my marketing at all times (because I get so distracted!)
  • I want to be a confident, knowledgeable Director of Marketing for my business
  • I will demystify marketing – finally – and not have to guess at it anymore

Who Would Benefit From The Celestial Marketing Academy?

  • Brand-new small business owners, often without a team, or
  • Future entrepreneurs who are still working for their employer full-time but want to transition to working their businesses full-time, or
  • Entrepreneurs who have been in business for some time but not seeing a consistent profit

Additionally, the perfect students of the Celestial Marketing Academy have these characteristics:

  • Entrepreneurs who are purpose-driven, heart-centered and want to learn how to market with authenticity
  • Self-disciplined learners who are 100% committed to keeping up with the curriculum
  • Motivated students who are willing to participate in all aspects of the program (that’s the only way you’ll have success!)
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in themselves, even if it feels a little scary to do so

How The Celestial Marketing Academy Is Designed

Weekly Modules

The Celestial Marketing Academy is a six-month online program. Every week, you will receive a short recorded lesson with supporting worksheets or assignments. Because I know your time is valuable, the recordings are no longer than 15 minutes in length, and you’ll receive an accompanying transcript if you’re a visual learner.

The Curriculum

The entire curriculum is housed on a Student Portal that you’ll have access to during your entire time in the Academy. That way, you can go back to any lesson to reinforce what you’ve learned.

The curriculum is based on the Celestial Marketing System – a four-part formula that teaches you how to market smarter, not harder, and with love and authenticity. This formula has two main objectives:

  1. To teach you how to implement imperfect action first to get more clients right away
  2. To instruct you on the marketing fundamentals to help improve and perfect your marketing for long-term success

Download syllabus for the Celestial Marketing Academy

Private Facebook Group

In addition to the modules and assignments, you can participate in my private Facebook group. Here, we gather to have fun, ask questions and support each other.

What Are The Modules?

Through this six-month program, you will receive 23 modules, delivered every week, with a one-week break built into the course delivery so you can work on your marketing plan and catch up on any modules. Here is a breakdown of the modules:

→ Modules 1-6: Develop Your Marketing Essentials

In these modules, you’ll take imperfect action and create the key “marketing essentials” you need to share your gifts with the world right now. During these modules, you’ll work on essentials such as your website, business cards, elevator speech, and packages and pricing.

→ Modules 7-9: Get Clients Now

The focus of these three modules is to implement “get clients now” marketing tactics. Again, this is all about taking imperfect action! You’ll learn “tried and true” marketing activities that will help bring you more clients and referral sources.

→ Modules 10-18: Build Your Marketing Foundation

Now that you know some tactics to get clients to your business, it’s time to build your foundation through learning the marketing fundamentals. These fundamentals will build upon everything you’ve worked on so far. Topics you’ll learn include identifying your ideal client, how to differentiate yourself in the marketplaces, writing authentic marketing copy and writing your marketing plan.

→ BREAK: Once Module 18 is delivered to you, you’ll have an extra week break so you can work on your marketing plan, as well as catch up on any modules.

→ Module 19-23: Implement Your Marketing

You’ve built your marketing foundation; now it’s time to implement what you’ve been working on. During these modules, you’ll learn how to take action on your market plan, build your tribe and measure your results so you can improve your marketing for the future.

Your Investment

I am proud to offer the Celestial Marketing Academy at an investment level that is considerably less than most online business and marketing schools. I don’t believe you should go into debt getting the marketing education you need.

With that said, the Celestial Marketing Academy is an investment. There’s something magical about investing money in a program. It’s the ultimate motivator! If you know you’ve invested money in the program, you’re much more inclined to do the work. And when you do the work, you get the results you’re looking for!

There are two ways you can pay for the Celestial Marketing Academy:

Buy the Celestial Marketing Academy6 easy payments for the Celestial Marketing Academy

Now, if this is totally out of your budget, as in it will take food off your table, please do not make this investment. I don’t want you to experience any financial hardship.

However, if this is within your budget, but you’re not sure if you want to make this investment, please know this: To get out of this spot, to move the needle on your business, to get the marketing instruction you need, you have to invest in yourself.

If you don’t invest in yourself, you’ll stay in the same stuck place. And I don’t want that for you.

So make the investment, okay?

Elizabeth Handley's testimonial for the Celestial Marketing Academy

When Do I Start Receiving The Curriculum?

You will receive the first module the Monday after you enroll.

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Unconditional Happiness Guarantee

I want to make this investment as risk free as possible for you. That’s why I am pleased to offer an Unconditional Happiness Guarantee.

Unconditional Happiness Guarantee: If after the first seven days you are not completely satisfied with what you’ve received from the Celestial Marketing Academy, you have a right to a full refund. Just email my support team at before your eighth day of enrollment, and we will happily refund your investment – no questions asked!

I don’t guarantee any specific results, though.

Please know this: I do not guarantee that you’ll get more clients, or that you’ll make more money, or that you can quit your job after 30 days of implementing the curriculum.

Truthfully, marketing academies and business schools that guarantee you any of this are blowing smoke up your skirt.

What you put into the Celestial Marketing Academy is what you’ll get out of it. I promise to give you every ounce of marketing instruction I know to help make you a success.

I say this lovingly: What you do with this knowledge is entirely up to you.

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Make sure to check out my testimonials to learn how other past clients and students benefited from my teaching.

Celestial One, the time is yours

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I would be honored to guide you on your marketing journey. The ball is now in your court. Ready to take the leap? Just click on the graphics below to get started.

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6 easy payments for the Celestial Marketing Academy

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