Let’s Get Clients! Challenge

Let's Get Clients! Challenge by Jill Celeste

You work so hard as an entrepreneur, but sometimes, it feels like it’s all for naught. The clients simply aren’t coming, despite your best efforts.

It’s the plight of many entrepreneurs. All over the world, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, just like you, are working hard in their businesses – but aren’t getting the clients.

I know it’s frustrating.

I am frustrated for you. And I want to do something to help you stop this cycle so you are consistently attracting clients – once and for all.

That’s why I have created the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge.

Some people call me the Marketing Challenge Queen because I have a knack for designing fun, effective marketing challenges. The Let’s Get Clients! Challenge will be no different because it will work for hard-working, mission-driven entrepreneurs like you.

Ready to learn more? Please keep reading…

The Let’s Get Clients! Challenge will be held in October, and here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • The no-nonsense, timeless “get clients now” marketing strategies that you can implement continuously to grow your business. No marketing fads!
  • How to drill down to fully understand who your ideal client is so you’re no longer wasting time serving people you cannot (and should not) help
  • Figuring out how to find your ideal client – it’s great to know who they are, but it’s even better to be able to find them (preferably in large numbers)
  • How to best spend your time networking (and it may not be your local BNI meeting!) so that you’re always connecting with referral partners and ideal clients
  • Ways to speak to reach your ideal clients and referral partners, including in-person and online speaking opportunities
  • How to assemble the best sales force in the world through referral partners who love introducing you to your ideal clients (at no cost to you!)
  • Creating a process for following up with your sales prospects and referral partners – in a way that’s not icky or inauthentic

Here’s What You’ll Get Through The Let’s Get Clients! Challenge:

Summary for the Let's Get Clients Challenge by Jill Celeste

  • You’ll get access to four modules, emailed to you throughout the month of October, which will teach you specific client attraction skills to master that week.
  • Each module will include a transcript of the lesson and homework to ensure you’re implementing what you’re learning.
  • I will host one Q&A call on Thursday, October 19, where I will answer your specific “get clients” questions. If you cannot attend live, no worries. You can email your question to me in advance and check out the call recording for the answers!
  • You also will gain access to our private Let’s Get Clients! Challenge Facebook Group. I moderate this group, which means I am there every day during the Challenge to answer your questions, support and encourage you, and hold you accountable to your tasks.
  • You may apply to receive a full tuition scholarship to the Celestial Marketing Academy. All Challengers can apply, and the winner will be selected based on her implementation and results from the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge.
  • After the Lets’ Get Clients! Challenge ends, you will get lifetime access to my private Celestial Ones Facebook Group – another sacred space for you to share your wins, ask questions and vocalize what is frustrating you.
  • A unique pricing model where you determine the tuition. You tell me what you want to pay, and that’s what you’ll pay (no amount is too small!).

Bonus Training!

In addition to the modules you’ll receive from the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge, you will receive my new mini-course: Improving Your Marketing Mindset!

It’s absolutely free – my way of saying thank you for registering for the Challenge!

Improving Your Marketing Mindset mini-course by Jill Celeste

Here’s what’s included in this free bonus mini-course:

  • A 40-minute recorded training on the five ways you can improve your marketing mindset
  • Worksheets to help solidify what you’ve learned through the recorded lesson
  • Immediate access to this mini-course, so you can get started on this training right away (you’ll get the access details in your confirmation email)

This is a $99 course, but I am giving it to you for free. It will help you so much!

What is the investment for the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge? It’s up to you!

That’s right! The Let’s Get Clients! Challenge is a “pay what you can” pricing model. You tell me what you can afford for the Challenge, and that’s exactly what you’ll pay. 

Just click on the button below to get started. You’ll be taken to a form where you’ll register for the Challenge and designate your tuition amount. It’s super easy!
Pay what you can for the Let's Get Clients Challenge by Jill Celeste

Who Would Benefit From This Challenge?

The Let’s Get Clients! Challenge is perfect for any entrepreneur who wants to attract more clients to her business. Here is a short list of the types of entrepreneurs who have had success with this challenge:

Who would benefit from the 21-Day Marketing Challenge

Let’s Get Clients! Challenge FAQs

What are the dates for the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge?
The Challenge begins Monday, October 2, and ends Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

What is the date for the Q&A Call?
I will host the Q&A call on Thursday, October 19 at 1pm EST. I’ll run the call through Zoom, which will allow you to speak to me through your webcam or phone.

Will the Q&A Call be recorded?
Yes! I will email all Challengers a link to the replay once it’s processed by Zoom.

Yikes. I am not available for the Q&A Call. Can I submit a question in advance?
Absolutely! I will answer your question during the call, and you can listen to the replay link to get your answers.

What should I expect from the Facebook Group?
I am an active moderator of my Facebook Groups, which means I am in there all the time. You may post questions, share your wins, vent your frustrations, and ask for support from this community. Being an active member of our Facebook Group will greatly enhance your experience (and success) with the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge.

Do you guarantee that I will get clients from this Challenge?
I do not make any guarantees about clients. I can promise to teach you the fundamental marketing strategies you need to implement to attract more clients to your business. What you do with that information is up to you.

What topics do the four modules cover?
The four modules will teach you about identifying your ideal client, how to find your ideal client in large numbers, how to network effectively, how to leverage speaking opportunities to get more clients, how to ask for referrals, and how to keep in touch with your sales prospects and referral sources.

I already know about these topics. Is the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge a good fit for me?

  • If you need a refresher on these topics, then the Challenge is a good fit.
  • If you have not fully implemented the marketing strategies covered in the modules (despite knowing the details about these topics), then the Challenge is a good fit.
  • If you need accountability in implementing your client attraction strategies, then the Challenge is a good fit.
  • If you need a sounding board, or a sacred community, to help with marketing execution, then the Challenge is a good fit.

How will I access the modules?
When you register for the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email, it will prompt you to set up a log-in and password to my Student Portal. The modules, as well as the Mindset Mini-Course, are housed in the portal.

What do the modules include exactly?
The modules include the following:

  • A recorded webinar (no more than 30 minutes)
  • A transcript of the webinar
  • Handouts and/or homework to complete, based on the lessons from the module

What’s this about a full-tuition scholarship to the Celestial Marketing Academy?
Yes! All Challengers are eligible to apply for a full-tuition scholarship to the Celestial Marketing Academy. You will fill out an application, which will detail how you have implemented the lessons from the Challenge – and the results you received. I will select a winner from the applications.

How much does it cost to register for the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge?
The investment is set by you. You pay what you can afford. If you can afford $20, then that’s what you pay. If it’s $200, then that’s fine too. I just want you to get the help you need – without cost being an obstacle.

Click here to get started (this is where you designate how much you can afford).

How do I access the “Improving Your Marketing Mindset” mini-course?
All registrants (early bird of full tuition) get immediate access to this mini-course. When you register for the Challenge, you will get a confirmation email, and it will detail how you can get access to the Mindset Mini-Course.

When is the last day to register for the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge?
Saturday, September 30, 2017

Can I get a refund on the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge after I register?
Sorry, no refunds. All sales are final and not transferrable to another program.

Will you offer the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge in the future?
I am not sure. It depends on how this round goes.

What Results Should You Expect?

While results always vary, here are some common results my clients receive from working with me:

Typical client results for Jill Celeste

Let’s Recap What You’ll Get With The Let’s Get Clients! Challenge

  • Four modules that will teach you how to get clients quickly
  • Lesson transcript and homework assignments to help you implement your learning
  • One Q&A call where you can ask questions
  • Access to the Challenge Facebook Group where you can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs – and me!
  • Opportunity to win a full-tuition scholarship to the Celestial Marketing Academy
  • Lifetime access to my private Facebook Group
  • Bonus training on improving your marketing mindset – available immediately after you register for the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge

Imagine knowing the exact marketing strategies to implement to attract more clients? How much more successful would your business be?

And cost is not an issue because you only pay what you can afford. That’s right – the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge tuition is set by you. No tuition offer will be turned down. Click on the button below to get started!

Pay what you can for the Let's Get Clients Challenge by Jill Celeste

What My Clients Say About Working With Me

I’m super proud of all of my clients and students! If you’re still on the fence about working with me, check out the nice words from my clients. And feel free to check out my Testimonials page for more details.


“We have dramatically increased the number of new referrals, thanks to Jill.” – Tracy Whipple, travel agent and owner, Travel On A Dream

“I got clarity on what to prioritize and what to let go of, and I finally feel like I have a handle on my social media. And, I have increased revenue – a completely unexpected/unsolicited bonus from re-prioritizing my time!” – Mary Pritchard, PhD, psychologist and body love expert, DrMaryPritchard.com

“I have had increased revenue since working with Jill. I have much more hits to my website, gotten much more Facebook likes and interactions, and I’ve definitely gotten more clients.” – Kellie Poulson-Grill, Happiness and Relationship Marketing Expert, Happy Success Ranch Retreats and Send Out Cards

“I’ve gotten increased revenue, a better social media presence and improved productivity.” – Emily Williams, owner and travel agent, The Magic for Less

“I got my first high-paying client!” – Emilia Zalewska, health coach, EmiliaZalewska.com

“I doubled my income. I am attracting more of my ideal clients. And I have a better focus on marketing, and achieving those things which I’ve either put off or didn’t know the value.” – Deborah Kevin, chief inspiration officer, DeborahKevin.com

“We have quadrupled our newsletter subscribers since working with Jill, which directly increased our sales!” – Monica Canavan, co-founder, Groovy Lab in a Box

 “I feel that my marketing efforts are more effective, and I have clearly increased clients at a steady pace.” – Kelly Lutman, health coach, Pursue Wellness for You


“I streamlined certain processes – ones that I knew I just had to sit down and do. I also got the accountability I needed.” – Vatsala Shukla, career coach, Karmic Ally Coaching

“I am actually getting things done.” – Rachel Kieffer, health coach, HealthNutGirl


“Jill taught me to do something every day that puts me in front of my ideal audience.” – Peggy Nolan, crafter, Crotched With Love by Peggy Nolan

“Raising my visibility online has brought me tons of new business opportunities!” – Lynne
Donahue, health coach


“The biggest and most valuable thing that I learned from Jill is how to market with heart and integrity. As a light-worker entrepreneur, I had always tried to avoid marketing because the focus on money and sales didn’t feel right to me. Now I’ve learned that marketing can be in alignment with the heart and soul of my business and purpose, and it has made all the difference! – Kris Groth, energy worker and intuitive artist, Body Whispers Therapy

“I am not stressed anymore about what to do next, which for me is a very big relief. I know now the steps I need to take to market my services. I no longer feel constantly behind the eight ball!” – Elizabeth Handley, LMHC, CCMHC, licensed mental health counselor, Blue Brain Training

“I have more prospective clients, a clearer message (which is helping me attract more clients), and increased productivity because I am focusing on the right priorities.” – Maribeth Decker, animal communicator, Sacred Grove

Ready To Get Started?

I get that you may be lacking clients and not able to afford a $300 program. I have been there – no judgement.

I want you to have this information so you’ll never be in a client deficit again.

To make it easier for you, I want you to pay what you can afford for the Let’s Get Clients! Challenge. Whether it’s $30 or $300 (or another amount), you set the tuition. You know what you can afford better than me. 

To get started, please click on the button below. It will take you to the form where you’ll provide your contact information and how much you can pay. We’ll take it from there.Pay what you can for the Let's Get Clients Challenge by Jill Celeste