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Jill Celeste's On-Demand Program

Yes? Then, keep reading because I have a new program you’ll love.

I am thrilled to offer two purpose-driven entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with me through my On-Demand Package.

This six-month coaching program is perfect for entrepreneurs who have “quick” marketing questions and want more of an on-demand coach.

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I just need some marketing guidance here,” or “I wish I could ask a marketing expert how to do this,” the On-Demand Package is the right fit for you.

On-Demand Package Features:

→ You’ll get one 30-minute strategy coaching call where we will set your six-month goals and create an overarching marketing strategy to help you. Examples of overarching themes include “get one new client a month,” or “increase my monthly income by $2,000.”

→  After your initial 30-minute strategy call, I will give you the calendar link to schedule your 15-minute coaching calls. You have unlimited 15-minute coaching calls for six months, provided you complete the homework assigned to you from your previous call.

(More about that in a second…)

Let’s Talk About Structure:

I love being able to offer the On-Demand Package to you!

I hope it’s okay to keep it real here. I’m a big fan of structure. Structure helps me – and you.

Structure is not just a means to a solution. It is also a principle and a passion. - Marcel Breuer

How? It prevents you from wondering “is this okay?” I find that people who are left wondering never take action. There will be none of that! =) I want you to know exactly how to best use the On-Demand Package.

Therefore, please review the following “Rules of the Road” for the On-Demand Package before deciding if it’s the right fit for you.

As you read the “Rules of the Road,” you may think: I totally get these rules, but I’ll probably forget them!

No worries: If you decide to purchase the On-Demand Package, I will send you a copy of these rules for your reference.

Rules for the “On-Demand Package” (please read carefully!):

♥  We’ll start with a 30-minute strategy call. During this call, we will discuss your marketing goals for the next six months and create an overarching theme that will lead our time together.

♥  After our initial strategy call, I’ll email you the link to get on my calendar for your first 15-minute coaching call.

♥  You can only have one 15-minute call on my calendar at a time. This also means you can’t bundle multiple 15-minute calls into a longer coaching call. This will help you stay accountable to what you’re working on!

♥  To keep you super focused, it’s best that each 15-minute call be about one topic.

♥  I will assign you homework at the end of the call. It won’t hurt, I promise!

♥  To schedule your next 15-minute call, you must complete the homework assigned to you from your previous call. What will this look like?

→ You’ll email me your homework.

→  You’ll immediately schedule your 15-minute call. In other words, you don’t need my “approval” to schedule the call.

♥  Okay, here’s where I have to put on my “Mean Mom Hat.” 

If you don’t email your homework to me before scheduling your call, I will send you a love note, reminding you of your assignment. I will cancel our call and request that you reschedule it as soon as you email your homework to me.

♥ Are there exceptions to the “must turn in homework” rule? Of course. Just email me what’s up so we can decide on the next steps.

♥  The On-Demand Package only involves coaching over the phone (yay! I love talking to my clients!). This also means you won’t be coached through email, text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Voxer or other instant messaging services. Phone calls are easier and most effective, and I want you to get your maximum investment!

♥  With that said, you are welcome to email materials that you want to discuss during our coaching calls.

♥  You will get access to my private Facebook Group where you’re welcome to post questions for the community’s input. You’ll love this tribe!

♥  All calls must be scheduled within your six-month period.

♥  Please note there are no refunds for the On-Demand Package. Your purchase is final. Your six months begin as soon as you make your purchase.

♥  By purchasing the On Demand Program, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these rules, and you will follow them during our time together.

If the On-Demand Package sounds like the perfect fit for you, what are you waiting for? Just select one of the to payment options below, and you’ll be on your way!

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What Results Should You Expect?

While results always vary, here are some common results my clients receive from working with me:

Typical client results for Jill Celeste

Let’s Recap What You’ll Get With The On-Demand Package

  • One 30-minute strategy call
  • Unlimited 15-minute coaching calls for six months
  • Homework assigned to you at the end of your coaching calls so you know exactly what to implement to improve your marketing
  • Access to my private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs

Imagine having a marketing coach “on demand” to answer your marketing questions! How much more productive would you be? 

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6 easy payments of $210

What My Clients Say About Working With Me

I’m super proud of all of my clients and students! If you’re still on the fence about working with me, check out the nice words from my clients. And feel free to check out my Testimonials page for more details.


“We have dramatically increased the number of new referrals, thanks to Jill.” – Tracy Whipple, travel agent and owner, Travel On A Dream

“I got clarity on what to prioritize and what to let go of, and I finally feel like I have a handle on my social media. And, I have increased revenue – a completely unexpected/unsolicited bonus from re-prioritizing my time!” – Mary Pritchard, PhD, psychologist and body love expert, DrMaryPritchard.com

“I have had increased revenue since working with Jill. I have much more hits to my website, gotten much more Facebook likes and interactions, and I’ve definitely gotten more clients.” – Kellie Poulson-Grill, Happiness and Relationship Marketing Expert, Happy Success Ranch Retreats and Send Out Cards

“I’ve gotten increased revenue, a better social media presence and improved productivity.” – Emily Williams, owner and travel agent, The Magic for Less

“I got my first high-paying client!” – Emilia Zalewska, health coach, EmiliaZalewska.com

“I doubled my income. I am attracting more of my ideal clients. And I have a better focus on marketing, and achieving those things which I’ve either put off or didn’t know the value.” – Deborah Kevin, chief inspiration officer, DeborahKevin.com

“We have quadrupled our newsletter subscribers since working with Jill, which directly increased our sales!” – Monica Canavan, co-founder, Groovy Lab in a Box

 “I feel that my marketing efforts are more effective, and I have clearly increased clients at a steady pace.” – Kelly Lutman, health coach, Pursue Wellness for You


“I streamlined certain processes – ones that I knew I just had to sit down and do. I also got the accountability I needed.” – Vatsala Shukla, career coach, Karmic Ally Coaching

“I am actually getting things done.” – Rachel Kieffer, health coach, HealthNutGirl


“Jill taught me to do something every day that puts me in front of my ideal audience.” – Peggy Nolan, crafter, Crotched With Love by Peggy Nolan

“Raising my visibility online has brought me tons of new business opportunities!” – Lynne
Donahue, health coach


“The biggest and most valuable thing that I learned from Jill is how to market with heart and integrity. As a light-worker entrepreneur, I had always tried to avoid marketing because the focus on money and sales didn’t feel right to me. Now I’ve learned that marketing can be in alignment with the heart and soul of my business and purpose, and it has made all the difference! – Kris Groth, energy worker and intuitive artist, Body Whispers Therapy

“I am not stressed anymore about what to do next, which for me is a very big relief. I know now the steps I need to take to market my services. I no longer feel constantly behind the eight ball!” – Elizabeth Handley, LMHC, CCMHC, licensed mental health counselor, Blue Brain Training

“I have more prospective clients, a clearer message (which is helping me attract more clients), and increased productivity because I am focusing on the right priorities.” – Maribeth Decker, animal communicator, Sacred Grove

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Remember, there are only two slots open in the On-Demand Coaching Package. Please act now if you want one.

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