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  • Celestial Marketing Academy Quick Start ProgramDo you often ask yourself: “How the hell am I going to market my business?”
  • With all the marketing advice out there, do you wish you knew the first step you need to take?
  • Are you absolutely clueless on how to write a marketing plan – and not really sure why you need one?
  • Have you researched marketing plans – only to become more intimidated and paralyzed by the thought of writing one?
  • Are you interested in working with me but would prefer to commit to a shorter program?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I invite you to check out the Celestial Marketing Academy Quick Start Programs.

Here’s the thing: You are the director of marketing for your business. And every director of marketing needs a marketing plan. In the simplest of terms, writing a marketing plan is the foundation for all of your marketing activity. That’s where The Celestial Marketing Academy Quick Start Programs comes in – and I have two options for you to choose from.

OPTION #1: Quick Start Basic Program
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Here’s what you’ll receive with the Quick Start Basic Program:

The Solopreneur's Real-Life Guide To Writing a Marketing Plan♥ The Solopreneur’s Real-Life Guide To Writing A Marketing Plan

This 10-page guide is written just for solopreneurs who need specific direction on how to write a marketing plan. In this guide, I break down why you need a marketing plan and tell you the sections to include in your marketing plan (with examples).

This is a no-nonsense guide that will take you through the entire process of writing a marketing plan that works best for your business. No bullshit – just practical help!

♥ A Marketing Plan Template Word Document

No fumbling to create your marketing plan – just fire up Microsoft Word and start typing your plan right into this template. It’s an instant time saver! The template corresponds with the sections from the Marketing Plan Guide so you can easily follow along and get your marketing plan written.

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Quick Start Basic

OPTION #1: Quick Start Deluxe Program
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The Deluxe Program builds upon the Quick Start Basic. In addition to the Marketing Plan Guide and Marketing Plan Template, you will receive the following:

♥ One 30-minute Private Coaching Call

Jill Celeste Get-Acquainted CallSure, I could just offer the marketing plan guide to you, which is super helpful, but what if you have questions? I don’t want to leave you hanging in any way.

That’s why I am including a 30-minute coaching call with you. If you have questions about what to include in your marketing plan, need advice on what marketing tactics to implement, need help monetizing your services, and/or need a sounding board, this private coaching call is for you. You have six weeks to schedule your call, which gives you plenty of time to work through the marketing plan guide and draft your marketing plan.

♥ Access to my private, invite-only Facebook group

Not everyone gets invited to my Facebook group because I want to keep it intimate, sacred and supportive. This Facebook group is your haven from the vitriol and craziness of your Facebook news feed. I moderate this group personally, and I am there to answer your questions. You’ll also get access to exclusive program discounts, special events and all the fun you can shake a stick at!

♥ Recorded training on how to write your marketing plan

I recorded a video training about how to write your marketing plan, and I am including a replay of this training with the Quick Start Deluxe Program. The training video is about 60 minutes long, and it goes step by step through how to write your marketing plan. You’ll have no guesswork after watching this training!

♥ Ideal client worksheet

What’s one of the first things you’ll include in your marketing plan? A detail of who your ideal client is. And while the Marketing Plan Guide offers some instruction, you may need a deeper dive on how to determine your target audience. That’s where the Ideal Client Worksheet comes in. When you complete this worksheet, you’ll have a more comprehensive view of your ideal client, which will improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

♥ Social media demographics

What social media sites should you be on? It’s important to know the demographics of the social media sites so you can make sure you’re making the smartest marketing decisions – and not wasting your time on the wrong platform. You can spend hours researching the demographics of each social media site, or you can just get my social media demographics PDF. I did the research for you!

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Quick Start Deluxe

If you’re on the fence about working with me, be sure to read the testimonials from my clients. I am so proud of them! And if you have any questions, drop me an email.

I can’t wait to help you with your marketing plan!