That First Client

4It’s not just about getting any old client.
It’s about getting that first ideal client.

Thank you for supporting my book, THAT FIRST CLIENT - now an Amazon Best SellerYou’re open for business. Yay! But how do get that first client? More importantly, how can you attract that most wonderful, yummiest ideal client that makes your heart sing?

Believe it or not, getting that first ideal client is not rocket science.

You just have to be taught the right marketing techniques! And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in That First Client by Jill Celeste.

Here’s what you’ll learn in That First Client:

  • Who are you meant to serve
  • Telling the world who your ideal client is
  • Contacting future sales prospects
  • Stepping away from the computer
  • Following up with love
  • Rinse and repeat for continued success

Are you ready to get that first client? With the lessons you’ll learn in this book, you can find and attract your first client – and set the stage for even more clients in the future.

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